Friday, August 7, 2015

Kim Richards Arrested for Shoplifting

Kim Richards arrested for shoplifting from Target.

Kim Richards seems to really like Target. The troubled Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum was arrested on Sunday, Aug. 2, for allegedly shoplifting from the retailer in San Fernando Valley, Calif., and now, the Los Angeles City Attorney tells Us Weekly that she is accused of stealing more than 100 items. The plethora of items totaled about $612.
While the exact inventory of what Richards allegedly shoplifted has yet to be revealed, the reality star’s cart was filled mainly with toys, Entertainment Tonight reports.
The former child star was charged and arraigned on Monday, Aug. 3, on one count of petty theft. Richards, who spent the night in jail, was released on Monday, Aug. 3, on $5,000 bail.
Following her arrest, Richards’ ex-husband Monty Brinson told Entertainment Tonight he was shocked to hear the news.
“I couldn’t imagine Kim stealing or shoplifting anything. She is a giver,” he said, adding he’s “guaranteed this must be some kind of mistake.”
Richards, for her part, pleaded not guilty and is due in court Aug. 20. This incident comes after she was arrested for public intoxication, battery, and resisting arrest after getting into a drunken confrontation with police at the Beverly Hills Hotel in April. Following the spat, Richards checked into multiple rehab facilities.
As previously reported by Us, Richards will not be returning to RHOBH.
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ThatBKChick said...

I just do not understand how and why she continues to get a pass and continue to be on the show. The show is just heightening her addiction and is feeding her habit, thus, making her vulnerable to fuck ups over and OVER again..but let this be someone on RHOA.....SMDH! #PhuckBravo!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she too will fade into the sunset like Winnona Ryder - at least Winnona had a real talent before drugs led her to shoplifting... she ain't had a part since Black Swan and her azz got ran over in that movie...

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