Friday, June 25, 2010

Bobby Brown Settles Child Support Dispute

No more jail time for Bobby Brown for failure to pay child support.  He got that all settled.
Bobby Brown has settled a long-running legal battle with his ex-girlfriend over child support payments.

Whitney Houston's former husband was jailed for four days in 2007 for skipping payments to Kim Ward, the mother of two of his children, LaPrincia, 20, and Bobby, Jr., 19.

Brown hit headlines again in 2009 when a judge issued a warrant for his arrest after he failed to attend a court hearing over accusations he owed Ward more than $45,000. He settled the payment and subsequently filed legal papers asking for his $5,500-a month installments to be reduced.

The singer, who claimed a change in his income meant he could no longer afford the hefty payments, sent his lawyers back to Norfolk Probate Court in Massachusetts this week to settle the matter.

Brown's legal team has now reached an agreement with Ward over how much he will contribute to his kids' college education, according to the Boston Herald.

Norfolk Register of Probate Patrick McDermott tells the publication, "The big issue was college expenses and how to handle those going forward. But it was quick and uneventful, and they seem to have wrapped up all the outstanding matters."

The deal was agreed by a judge, but terms of the agreement were kept private.

Jacked from WYSR Channel 9 News


Anonymous said...

I really hope bobby can stay on the right track. it's evident that he didn't ruin whitney's career or addict to her drugs, she did that shit all by herself. Whitney does exactly what she wants to do.

Anonymous said...

Bobby needs to stop all his nonsense. He got a brand new son; how you NOT gonna have money to take care of your oldest children but have money for a NEWBORN?? His payments don't need to be reduced, he need to get a paper route!!

Anonymous said...

LEAVE BOBBY ALONE!!! Those "kids" are GROWN!! Their danm mama has milked the cow long enough, she needs to get her ass on a job and let this man make it!!! His "kids" are old enough to get a damn job but his "Baby" isn't. People need to get real with this bullish!!!

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