Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Models are Stupid

Model Nyemah Marxx tried to swindle the IRS out of $200,000.00 in fake tax refunds.

A Manhattan model tried to swindle the government out of $200,000 in tax refunds with the help of a crooked accountant, Queens prosecutors say.

Nyemah Johnson, who models under the name Nyemah Marxx, falsely claimed he made $550,000 working for an environmental group and was entitled to the six-figure refund, prosecutors said.

He was one of five people arrested last week in a $1.1 million tax scheme that prosecutors said was led by Queens accountant Diana Rabin.

Rabin, 28, prepared phony returns for herself and four other clients, including her mother and sister, by exaggerating their incomes or claiming income from employers who had fired them.

She then filed for fat refund checks. Some $275,000 in refunds were paid out before the scheme was uncovered by state tax officials, probers said.

Also arrested were Rabin's mother, Lyidmila Levy, 55, her sister Alissa Derabin, 27, and Manhattan architect Merced Baumer, 30.

Jacked from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Why did his parents give him a womans name? Nyemah or Naimah is an Arabic name and the "ah" at the end makes it female. The male version is Naim or Nyem in his case.

Anonymous said...

Well he's uopp shyt creek...nobody f*cks with the IRS!

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