Thursday, July 15, 2010

And it Don't Stop

Another Mel Gibson rant for your listening pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this woman really loves him but he is at the top levels of his fustration. She talking about he don't love her and that he ruin her life she is the one who connected herself to this situation because she new that he was married. I hope he was not this bad to his wife. Mel is way wrong too but he was someone else problem until she came along.

Anonymous said...

A person only has to prove their ignorance once; this is getting way out of hand. Is the public gonna be subject to all of his ignorance and ranting and raving? GOD, I hope NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Mel is going off the deep end and that's what this gold digger wants. When you're an alcoholic there's no telling what's gonna come out your mouth at any given time. He can't even control himself anymore & will probably end up sucking an exhaust hose. she tapes everything hoping to get some money out of it. She's starting to look like a very sick twisted person. Enuff already!

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