Friday, July 16, 2010

Mel Gibson Punched his Baby?

Mel Gibson's Russian baby mama says one time Mel tried to punch her in the face but hit infant daughter instead. 

At this point, I think most of us assumed there’s no way this Mel Gibson thing could get any worse. Even with new recordings coming out every day, they mostly just provided audio to things we already read before. Well, surprise! Mel Gibson probably punched his baby. Though in his defense, he was trying to punch Oksana who was holding the kid, so let’s cut the man who brought us The Passion of Beating the Fuck Out of Christ a break. RadarOnline reports:

The images, which show baby Lucia with a bruise on her chin, are part of Oksana’s sealed declaration to the court, a source with knowledge of the situation told exclusively. And those photos will be a vital piece of evidence Oksana will use in court in Los Angeles Thursday when she goes before a judge in her custody battle with Mel.

It’s a bombshell development in the war between the former lovers. Their daughter was only two months old at the time of the alleged incident and the source, who has direct knowledge of the photos, says it is unmistakable that the infant is bruised.
This evidence — together with the secretly-recorded tapes published exclusively by — are crucial to Oksana’s argument that Lucia should not have any contact with her father.

On top of that, Oksana’s lawyers are going to court this morning to prove Mel Gibson is still making threatening phone calls to her, according to TMZ:

As one source put it, “Mel is one of the few people who know the phone number. It’s not him who’s making the calls, but we have reason to think he’s behind them.”

We’re told the calls were made directly to Oksana on her home line — they were not voice messages. Oksana took the calls and claims the caller was “threatening and scary.”

So far the only thing Mel Gibson’s lawyers have had to say for their client is that they believe the tapes are edited, so I can’t wait to hear this excuse in a court of law. “Your honor, my client maintains he said Ms. Grigorieva would be raped by a ‘pack of niggers’ before threatening to burn the house down if oral sex wasn’t provided, not after. So clearly, there’s been editing here, and Mel Gibson is a national treasure that can’t be held responsible for the sonic boom of his punch that apparently bruises nearby babies.”

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Anonymous said...

Okay I was rollin with this bitch, but seems to me like she making shit up, due to Mel being a racist pig.

I feel she is lying......

Anonymous said...

Well she is stupid for holding the baby with an obviously abusive man. I am glad to here this story because jump-off swear that they got such a tight sex game but at the end of the day they only inhert a monster. They swear they are so much more better woman but now she can not handle that man but I still feel that she is after his money.

GailS said...

I don't thing Mel will act in another film. He might direct and he'll certainly finance films, but I don't see him acting any more. Good.

Now, if only someone would spill the beans on Clint Eastwood. Though I'm sure Whoopi would come to his defense, too.

Anonymous said...

SHe lying. The dentist even said she had no brusises to her face. How you gon' knock teeth out without bruises? This Russian gold digger, slipped on that one. Ahhhhhahaha.

Anonymous said...

The picture looks like a before picture when she was in teen.
Her face looks way mature to be a recent picture

Anonymous said...

I do not feel sorry for this chick at all. She talking about I am your woman no bish this man had a woman and family. Now it is his fault for leaving them for a woman that he now can not stand but she is equally at fault and now she has gotten her reward.

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