Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scenes From Paris Hilton's Summer Vacation

More drunken sluttyness after the break.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe she's fucking that fat man just so she can party? Aren't you supposed to have your own money, bitch?

And someone teach Nicky how to smile! The girl's in the club - dancing! - and she still looks like a miserable bitch.

Anonymous said...

^^You a lil' angry?

Don't worry-her partying won't affect your boring, dead-end life.

Anonymous said...

I hope she ain't bumpin' uglies with that dude. He's fat AND Asian. I bet HE can't even find his own dick. If she is, then I understand her getting completely lit first. You'd have to get drunk out of your mind to sexually tolerate a tic-tac attached to a marshmallow.

Anonymous said...

of course she is fucking him look she will fuck anyone with cash an a creditcard but she is still a racist an her sis too remember her videos of her singing the n word an other racist stuff google it why do you all give her a pass

Anonymous said...

I heard Paris has been cutoff a couple of years ago....why she is messing with Kim Jung Ill is beyond me? I heard he has deep pockets in Asia. But then again the thirsty millionairess trick has been known in the multi-million dollar/billion dollar circuits as cheap top self p*ssy.

ThatGrlLaurie said...

10:20 am...OMG I nearly pissed my self when I read that shit.
LMAO!!!!! That was so f'n funny.

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