Monday, August 23, 2010

Britney Spears Getting Married!?

Here we go again. Britney Spears is ready to get hitched.
Those tatty blonde hair extensions will soon be tucked under a veil because Britney Spears is set to trot down the aisle - one more time!

Insiders tell Now the singer's so loved-up, she's set to marry her former agent Jason Trawick, 38, this year.

‘Britney's on top of the world right now and has started wedding plans,' says the source.

‘They've decided to have a small, intimate ceremony - not a big media circus - but they'd like to say "I do" by the end of the year.

They've been dating since last summer and Jason's nothing like her exes.'

The upcoming nuptials have boosted 28-year-old Britney's self-esteem so much that she's even talking about having another baby.

‘She's aware that there'll be a big age gap between her elder son Sean [four] and her next baby, so she definitely wants it to be sooner rather than later,' says our insider.

‘Brit's dad Jamie and mum Lynne are fully supportive - since Britney was sectioned two years ago, they've been ultra-vigilant about her personal life but they've known Jason for years and trust him completely.'

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Anonymous said...

Just another man to have control over her just like Kevin and her dad and this man is much older. Hope this one really cares about her because the is what she really needs.

Anonymous said...

I agree @ 9:26. Hopefully this guy really loves her and won't manipulate and use her. I think she could really get herself together, if she had a supportive partner. I hope it works out, b/c another divorce would send her over the edge.

Anonymous said...

she needs to was her ass first!!SMH nasty ho!

Anonymous said...

When she's 50 years old she is going to have 8 more kids and been married 6 more times

Anonymous said...

Britney spears is mentally ill, and I'm sorry, but marriage isn't going to help her. She just seems so out of touch with the real world, hygiene, and fashion.

Anonymous said...

Oppss...."I did it again....and again...and again"=Isn't this like her third marriage? It sounds like somebody is off of their lithium tablets again.--ThatBKChick

Anonymous said...

He going to marry her sour smelling ass? What people do for money

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