Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Charlie Sheen Threw His Wife Around like a Rag Doll

The Christmas Day beat down that got him arrested is not the first time Charlie Sheen beat his wife.
More disturbing news has come out regarding Charlie Sheen’s Christmas Day arrest. According to a new report by RealAspen.com, Sheen caused bodily harm to his wife Brooke Mueller a couple of months prior to the incident at their home in California, allegedly throwing her around “like a rag doll” during an argument.

The site reports that when police arrived at the couple's home in Aspen Christmas Day Mueller told three different officers that she and Sheen got into a heated argument two or three months ago after she accused him of sleeping with prostitutes.

Brooke told the police Charlie shoved her head into a piece of furniture, requiring her to get a CAT scan. Officer Rick Magnuson wrote: "I asked [Sheen] if he ever harmed Mueller in the past. [Sheen] stated that approximately two months ago, in California, Mueller accused him of sleeping with prostitutes. [Sheen] stated that he denied this allegation, which escalated into a 'huge fight.' He added that when Mueller attempted to leave the argument, he grabbed her by the wrist, causing her to fall to the ground. [Sheen] added that Mueller hit the back of her head on a piece of furniture as she fell to the ground. [Sheen] stated that Mueller was injured when her head contacted the furniture. [Sheen] added that neither he nor Mueller reported this incident to law enforcement. [Sheen] added that Mueller received medical treatment for her head injury. [Sheen] added that the Mueller's injury was not intentional, adding that she accidentally hit her head as he was trying to restrain her."

The officer said Mueller got visibly upset while recalling the fight. "She was very adamant that [Sheen] intentionally hurt her by throwing her to the ground, like a 'rag doll.'”

As for the fight on Christmas day, officers say it was over Brooke’s jealousy of Charlie’s relationship with his daughter.

Seems like a pretty pathetic reason to fight. His two daughters with Denise Richards are 5 and 6 years old. But Charlie seems like he can be pretty scary when he wants to be.
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Anonymous said...

Sooooooo...I guess it's okay for ol Charlie to whoop his wife's ASS, and still his life goes on as if nothing EVER happened huh? SMH! What a double standard. KEEP HOPE ALIVE CHRIS BREEZY!
S/N If Rihanna was a NOBODY, you think this "SITUATION" would've went as far as it did?

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