Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dennis Rodman and Tara Reid Wildin' Out

Dennis Rodman and Tara Reid party in St. Tropez.

For the second night in a row actress Tara Reid had a wild party in St Tropez and she had some very exclusive company in the form of ex NBA star Dennis Rodman.

The 34-year old star of the American Pie movies was spotted at the club getting very cosy with Rodman, 49, despite the fact her her ex-fiance was sitting nearby.

Rodman was seen whispering in her ear as he embraced her and he even got up on the stage behind the DJ booth with her to dance.

Rodman is probably not the best clubbing partner for Tara as he did a stint in rehab earlier this year too.

He checked into the Pasedena Recovery Centre to take part in Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew in January 2010 but the night the show premiered, he had to be removed from a restaurant in Orange County, California, because of his disruptive behaviour due to drinking.
Earlier this year Tara claimed to have cleaned up her life after spending 60 days in rehab.

But it seems that she looks to have returned to her hard-partying ways going on the evidence of the past two nights out.

Just the night before she was seen looking worse for wear in the same VIP Room club.

Her hair messy and dishevelled, the actress embraced a female bar tender, threw herself around the room and sat on the laps of her friends as she hugged them.

She was pictured at the Denise Rich party with internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann, her former fiance.

The pair appeared to be back together, with Axtmann keeping a close eye on Tara as she partied, an arm around her waist to steady her.

Other guests included Jackie Collins, Ivana Trump and 80-year-old American astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife Lois Driggs Cannon.

Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Aww, ain't that shit pathetic, two hilarious crackheads! Tara Reid is a piece of work, and so is Rodman...NEXT!

Anonymous said...

soulmates, obviously...

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is up with her i feel sorry for her what happend to her!!!!

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