Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dr. Conrad Murray Day at the Beach

Michael Jackson's last physician spends some time on the beach with his son and ex-stripper baby mama.

Michael Jackson's doctor looks like he hasn't a care in the world as he enjoyed a sunshine break in Miami with his ex-stripper girlfriend and their young son.

But the pressure is still very much on Conrad Murray despite the news that seven doctors who treated the star will not have charges brought against them.

The doctors were part of an investigation by California state attorney general Jerry Brown's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement.

One doctor whose name was not released was referred to the California Medical Board for prescribing drugs to a Jackson alias, said spokeswoman Christine Gasparac.

Candis Cohen, a board spokeswoman, declined to confirm the action, saying complaints and investigations were not public record.

Murray, who was Jackson's personal doctor, pleaded not guilty to Jackson's involuntary manslaughter. He is due in court again on Monday August 23.

In the meantime, 57-year-old Murray took the chance to enjoy a break in Miami with his partner Nicole Alvarez, 27, and his seventh child Che Giovanni Murray, who was born in March last year.

Accompanying them was what appeared to be a burly minder, wearing a Lakers vest, who carrying Murray's bag for him as he left the poolside.
Authorities said Murray provided Jackson with a mix of sedatives, including a powerful anaesthetic that killed him in June 2009.

Murray was not among the seven doctors involved in the state investigation.

Los Angeles police who investigated the death had asked state and federal investigators to look into the prescribing practices of doctors who previously treated the 50-year-old pop star.

The US federal Drug Enforcement Agency also stopped investigating the actions of any other Jackson doctors, agency spokeswoman Sarah Pullen said.

'I am very disappointed,' said attorney Brian Oxman, who represents Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson in a wrongful death lawsuit against Murray.

'The misuse of medications by Michael Jackson in the last years of his life was excessive and to fail to bring that to the public eye is ignoring reality.'

Last month Michael Jackson's father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Murray.

The suit, which seeks more than £50,000 damages, was filed in Los Angeles on the first anniversary of the singer’s death.

Joe Jackson accused Dr Conrad Murray of negligence for giving his son the Propofol that led to his death.

It also alleges the doctor gave false information about the drugs Jackson had taken and that he tried to clean up the scene.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

He is no doctor.

Anonymous said...

^obviously not with that big ass unhealthy gut!

Anonymous said...

His seventh child speaks volumes about his priorites in my book.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who paid for this vacay. Hmmmm....

Revolutionatrix said...

As for the sad situation with the seven doctors who treated MJ, it was pretty much like they were passing a hot potato around and the music stopped while Murray was holding it.

As for Conrad Murray, I'm perfectly alright with the idea of him doing hard time for killing the greatest entertainer to ever live.


Anonymous said...

Seven so called doctors and none of them had the man's best interest at heart. Sad.

Love you Mike!

Anonymous said...

In order to have Michael Jackson's best interests at heart. Someone would have had to tell him, NO!!!. Michael Jackson did not want to hear that "word", he believed his own hype and press therefore it cost him his life. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Did Elvis believe his own hype and press and ultimately lost his life due to what he simply believed? Doesn't matter what Michael believed. Those around him were enablers. PERIOD. For those you care about, you would risk confrontation. Doesn't matter if he wanted to hear the word or not. Personally, I would have put him on blast if it meant he would have gotten the help he needed to deal with his addiction and the pain the media caused him. What caused MJs life was an administered dose of Propofol given to him by this alleged doctor who was only interested in money and not MJs well being.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson did not have 'hype' and did not need 'hype'. He caused hysteria just walking out, going to a mall or zoo. Hype is for those so called artists out here today. MJ believed his own press? Trust, MJ was hardly believing anything the press may had written about him. SMH

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