Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kanye West Interned At Fendi After Swift Controversy

Kanye fled to Rome after humiliating Taylor Smith.

Fashion-forward rapper KANYE WEST moved to Rome during his career hiatus last year (09) and completed an internship at top Italian fashion house Fendi.

The Stronger star stepped away from the limelight after coming under harsh criticism for invading the stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and ruining Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.

He fled the intense media intrusion by escaping to Japan, before travelling to Italy to indulge in his love of fashion and build on the design skills he had previously acquired collaborating with Louis Vuitton and Nike.

West tells New York's Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez, "After the MTV thing I moved to Japan for three weeks so I just didn't have any paparazzi, then I ended up moving to Rome and I was interning at Fendi. Every day, going to work, walking to work, getting cappuccinos...!"

The hip-hop star admits he enjoyed the peace and quiet because he wasn't harassed as much by the local media and he used the alone time to reflect on his life.

He adds, "I interned, just like Daniel Day-Lewis, when he's not acting, he's working on shoes or something, just super normal, everyday things. It (media attention) wasn't as bad in Rome, or as good, I should say.

"Just to be by myself or go to the hotel room and just not have a phone. I don't have a phone to this date. No phone."

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Anonymous said...

Lol who is "Taylor SMITH"?!

Anonymous said...

For that matter, who is taylor swift?

Anonymous said...

GTFOHWTBS, he didn't humiliate that skank, if anything he made the bytch famous.

Anonymous said...

Who is this "famous" bytch that I've never heard of?

Anonymous said...

The "bytch" has been famous since 2006. Kanye West is the only reason why negros know who she is (don't deny it tar babies).

Anonymous said...

^^Most kinda knew of this non singing, annoying child prior to the foolishness of Kanye and the overrall publicity stunt of MTV and Bey. Trailer trash.

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