Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miley Cyrus Staddles Some Guy on Set

Miley Cyrus was spotted in Grosse Pointe, MI on set of her new movie straddling some guy who is not her boyfriend. Could it be the lighting guy?

Miley Cyrus always makes best friends with the "lighting guy".

The singer-and-actress - who locks lips with her real life boyfriend in recent movie 'The Last Song' - thinks the key to making a screen kiss look good is to have the best possible lighting, and so always does what she can to get the crew on her side.

She said: "What makes the perfect movie kiss? I'll let you into a little secret: the best thing that I learned on my show is to become best friends with your lighting guy.

"That way, they make you look really good in every single scene - especially for that perfect movie kiss. That's my main trick as an actress. Make friends with the lighting guy and you'll be fine!"

Jacked from Contact Music and Ocean Up


Anonymous said...

It is soooooooooo obvious that this child did not learn about sex the right way & that she is soooooooo desperate for love, attention & affection.

Anonymous said...

She's gonna get pregnant. That will be the next big news about her silly ass. Mom & Dad just think of her as a cash register. Thanks to Miley, they're set for life and would rather be her buddy than a parent.

Anonymous said...

all normal human desperate for love, attention & affection that what happens when your a social animal , people acting like have a child is some cruse, wonder why America need all the immigrants cause white people arnt having kids the see sex as just pleasures , that the 1st step to hell

Anonymous said...

11:11 WTF R U talking about?!

Anonymous said...

Cosign 12:19

She is so fugly inside and out. Nobody cares about her lame ass with them huntchback shoulders.Not only did her parents not teach her good posture, they didn't teach her ass to be a lady. Hobag LOL Her daddy looks like he had some incest going with Miley. Backwood hicks

Anonymous said...

This hillbilly whore has prob. been pregnant more than once already. She was fat as a chipmunk in the face for a while, on and off, and at first it looked like an eating disorder, but she was prob. just knocked up. I hope she goes the way of Batshit-bonkers Britney and leaves us alone.

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