Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mischa Barton's Friends are Rats

One of Mischa Barton's friends sold her out big time
Yeah yeah, Mischa Barton may or may not be smoking joint in St Tropez on a yacht. This is not fresh. And, obviously, in these circles, with this lifestyle, there is no friendship, no loyalty, no trust.

Which explains how these photos came to be.

Because these are not pap shots. And if they are pap shots, that pap was straight up invited onto that boat. Look at the angle of these photos, the distance, or lack of distance, between the subjects.
No, these are “friend” photos, intended for Facebook or some sh-t, and then sold for a dimebag to an agency. Just like the set of photos of Lindsay Lohan sitting beside a rail in the South of France during the Cannes film festival – click here for a refresher - these people, the Lilos and Mischas, they attract and they are attract to sh-t. And that sh-t will shank them in the ass, cut off their extensions without hesitation if the price is right.
This is the sh-t that’s all over LA, lurking on the scene, waiting for the next child star Stupid to come along and f-ck it up. And they keep sending their kids into that f-cking cesspool.

Jacked from Lainey Gossip


Anonymous said...

Excuse me while I light my spliff....oh lawd I gotta take a! let the gyal smoke her blunt. Shit, I smoke a few every so often. It calms the nerves.

Anonymous said...

This BYTCH is on drugs and she still get TV and MOVIE deals, go figure, Hollywood fuck you!!

When is she going to REHAB?

Anonymous said...

Damn, can't the girl smoke her spliff in peace! If she was sipping on wine no one would care...even though drunk driving and alcohol poisoning kill people yearly, causing people to act unruly, and is highly addictive.

She needs to get rid of some of her so called friends. You know, the friends that sold her out for some cash to feed their coke habit.

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