Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swizzle Stick

A timeline of Swizz Beatz' dirty deeds.

While celebrities gather to celebrate Alicia Keys recent marriage to Swizz Beats, we’d like to ask “WHY!??”…
- August 2007: Swizz flaunts love for wife Mashonda and baby son.

- August 2007: Swizz has affair with singer Jahna Sebastian.

- March 2008: Jahna Sebastian gives birth to a baby girl.

- April 2008: Rumors swirl that Swizz is dating Alicia Keys.

- April 2008: Swizz leaves Mashonda and son.

- Sept 2008: Alicia Keys is named as the other woman in Swizz’s divorce.

- May 2009: Meet Alicia Keys “new boyfriend” Swizz.

- July 2009: A paternity test proves Swizz is Jahna’s baby’s father.

- Sept 2009: Mashonda accuses Alicia Keys of being a home wrecker

- May 2010: Alicia Keys and Swizz announce engagement and pregnancy.

- May 2010 – Mashonda says Swizz owes $345K in back child support.

- July 2010: Swizz is accused of being a “dirt bag” dad to Jahna’s baby girl.

- July 31st, 2010: Swizz and Alicia have a romantic wedding in Corsica

- August 2010 – Mashonda reiterates Swizz is a deadbeat dad.
What a catch. Mazel Tov.

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Anonymous said...

((((STANDING OVATION)))))...Everyone see's what A Key's stupid ass hasn't seen about this shady ass nucca!!! She will reap what she soes...this man's track record/attention span is no more than a 1 year if best...his average on jumpoffs are less than a few days at best.

Anonymous said...

What an asshole!

Anonymous said...

Since Pinnochio is now AK's manager, maybe Mashonda will get her 345k now.

AK can't think highly of herself to get involved with a man with this much bagger.

He's a serial cheater.

Anonymous said...

Everything in his life was moving in like a 30 day time span period. That’s why I get mad when loose woman love to say he was not happy at home because he was with all of these women. He did not have time not to be happy he was some where new every 30 days. He seems very careless he got the Russian girl pregnant right away there was no relationship. Ak just does not want to look like the woman on the side or that was left on the side that why she was is so press to get married. This nicca right here knows how to plant a seed that is for sure and I guess to him nothing else matters. Since AK was so bold and reckless on this one she will be the one who will get it back the worst, if he is not already in another 30 day affair with someone else.

Anonymous said...

Why would women allow themselves to get pregnant by this nasty man.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have not said anything about these 2, i have just been watching this train wreck and reading post after post. but now I have to say. this is a sad mess. I really hope AK has her shit on lock cause this dirty MF is going to take her for all her womens worth. dam shame.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

He has been tricking since 07 what does A.K. think is going to happen? She is a fool and he is a whore.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for aicias happiness bubble to ge poped n the next few years. She wont be singing empowerment songs after that.

Anonymous said...

Alicia Is GAY!! She agreed to pay Swizz's tax bill In return for his sperm!!

Anonymous said...

yeah heard alicia was gay 2! if he was with jahna she got pregnant in may so he was cheating on his wife with her in may april before august

Anonymous said...

Everyone is missing the part where Swizzy was dating another womam before he got with Mashonda. Him & Mashonda hooked up while he was with that woman. While Mashonda was having difficulty getting preggers. Swizzy ended up having a baby with 1st woman he was with. Long Story short Swizzy does this alot and im not seeing the attraction.

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