Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tila Tequlia Lied About Her Injuries?

When Tila Tequlia was attacked at the Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, she immediately dispatched bloody and bruised pictures of herself  to TMZ, but was she exaggerating the extent of her injuries?
Tila Tequila was warned time and time again not to perform for the Juggalo crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos event in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. But did she listen? Nope.

Subsequently, the media midget was pelted with rocks, urine and feces as a result. Before all of that happened, as a tactic to shut the crowd up, she took off her shirt and performed topless.

It still didn’t work. She was beaten down and bruised up. But — there is a small hole in her story.

When she ran to TMZ to show off the injuries from her Juggalo attack, she showed them the photo on the right (watermarked by TMZ). On the left, you can see Tila performing, with her shirt still on and the same mark is there (photo above)

See what I mean? Before the attack, she had that injury, but she’s claiming that this mark was caused by the concert. It stands to reason that if she’s lying about one thing, or perhaps exaggerating to ANY degree, would she be exaggerating about others? Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

who cares! this broad is a habitual liar and will do any damn thing for attention. Now she's doing porn so NEXT!!

Revolutionatrix said...

Hell I thought it was a tattoo *shrugs*


Anonymous said...

Dear editors of Gossip Jacker:

Please stop reporting on this no talented prostitute. She is a waste of your bandwidth. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

anyone suprise wouldn't be shock if she paid for the stage(d) beatdown that probably others dive in on

Anonymous said...

Of course she is lying. If she had cuts and wounds like she said, why did she wait til' the next day to fly back to LA and show up at Cedar Sanai for stitches, which she never got. No doctor will sew up a wound after long period of time. You would think the little stank troll would have sought medical attention in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

doesn't Mac computers or something flip pics?

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