Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger's Son Busted on Drug Charges

Rapper Rich Hil [no really, he's a rapper] busted for  weed possession.

TMZ has learned Tommy Hilfiger's 20-year-old son was busted for weed ... and cops think the rapper intended to sell the stash.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Richard Hilfiger -- who recently cut a track with Kid Cudi -- was pulled over last weekend in West Hollywood by Sheriff's deputies who allegedly found the weed in his car.

Hilfiger -- who goes by Rich Hil on stage -- was arrested and booked on one felony count of possession of marijuana for sale, according to sources. His $20,000 bail was posted the next night.

Calls to Tommy's people have not been returned.

Jacked from TMZ


Anonymous said...

ok, this is what happends when you spoil and dumb down your child with wealth. They view the world in a twisted kinda way.He did this for street cred, because how else would u respect a multi millionare kid who prpbably attended private schol and screws white girls. Come on! the poor kid is another retarded celeb kid.

Anonymous said...

I thought you said drug charges. Weed is not a drug its a herb. Jesus no biggie, he will follow the path of all the stupid privilaged kids, out of jail within the hour.

Anonymous said...

LMAO this is hilarious. For all the quiet contempt that Tommy Hilfiger had for black he son wants to be one. How ironic. No street cred for rich white boys...C'MON SON!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! @ 1:49....exactly!

this is what his dumb ass gets for saying he doesn't want black people wearing his clothes. rich whitey is s trip!

Anonymous said...

@ 1: 49AM, Cosign and LMAO!

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