Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Divorce Looming for Eva Longria and Tony Parker?

Even though they've already shot down the rumors, those in the know say a divorce for Eva and Tony is imminent.
Eva Longoria shot down a report that Tony Parker filed for divorce in Texas, but that doesn't appear to be the end of the marriage drama.

A source tells PEOPLE that the Desperate Housewives star plans to file divorce papers of her own as early as Wednesday.

Longoria was "totally and completely blindsided" by reports appearing this week of infidelity by her NBA star husband, the source says.

The pair were married three years ago in a castle in France.
Jacked from People


Anonymous said...

why because neither one of them has made news in over a year - why oh why do celebrities always seem to break up after their once well publicized relationship stop making daily news reports?

Anonymous said...

Why is this news. Years back they broke up. Now they are divorcing. Hell the relationship was doomed from the start.

Getting married thinking everything will change is a big mistake. Marriage mean nothing in today's society.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with @3:29...Marriage means nothing in today's society. People get married for all the wrong reason. Whatever happen to LOVE. My parents have been married for over 45 years. I ask my parents all the time, what is the secret? Communication, Respect, Commitment.

VEXED said...

CO-sign @3:29pm & 4:18pm marriage is sacred. The problem is that we are living in a out for self world no one cares nor respects marriage anymore. I was married for 10 years, i would have stayed with him my whole life if it was up to me but he did not value our marriage like i did, and it hurts i really does. Anyway society as a whole will collapse. Marriage is the nucleus of society once it becomes obsolete it will be the end of it all.

Anonymous said...

These women will try to turn a blind eye on the blatant cheating that goes on in the sports industry. Yeah right. I don't see why people just won't continue to be fuck buddies. Trying to get married to make it look "upstanding & wholesome" to the media when they know damn well that it's all a front. I agree with all of you, real long-lasting marriage seems as mythical as a freakin unicorn...If you wanna continue sexing as many men/women as you please, DON'T stand before God and pretend to get married.

SHeartless said...

but he cheated are you going to stay married 45 years if your mate cheated on you more than one time in 3 years? yall saying that they divorcing just because they not in the papers i doubt that really ..he cheated thats more than enough reason to be apart

Anonymous said...

@4:50pm i'm sorry for your loss. i know what it is like to love someone so deeply but he refuses to see the bigger picture because he's too busy collecting women and circle of friends to feed his insecurities and ego. trust me, time heels all wounds, i hope you find another love soon.

VEXED said...

THANK U SO MUCH @9:43AM for ur kind and supportive words. I wish there was something that i could do to speed up the process, but like u said "time heals all wounds", It's really nice to know that am not the only one. THANK YOU. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS U.

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