Monday, November 29, 2010

Lebron James Michael Jordan Nike Commerical Mash Up

a fan made this video in response to Lebron James 'What Should I Do' Nike ad campaign.


Anonymous said...

I am sooo tired of Cleveland fans (and management) crying like babies because Lebron left. Teams drop players all the time. If a person is at the end of his contract, he can play for whomever he wants!!! Michael Jordan CANNOT support Lebron in this. He is now an owner and if this becomes the norm in the league, it will be bad for the teams (in their minds). No one was complaining when the Celtics put together their "dream team" was that because the coaches did it and not the players?

Anonymous said...

Lebron loves disrespecting cats who he know will stand for that because they need his skills to stay employed. Just foul.

Anonymous said...

Lebron like every other NFL, NBA athelete is nothing more than sold chatel - a slave - a product to be sold at market to the highest bidder and when the product is no longer top of the line it whores itself out. Frankly fuck pro athletes they're all mindless idiots with massive egos... a lot of balls but no fucking dick.

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