Monday, November 29, 2010

Wesley Snipes' Wife Wages Letter Writing Campaign

Wesley Snipes wife forwarded a six page letter to all her pals railing against the government and the media for railroading her husband to jail.
Wesley Snipes' wife wants justice for her man.

An insider has forwarded us a copy of an impassioned and angry six-page letter that the "Blade" actor's wife Nikki Snipes (née Park) sent to friends and family over the holiday weekend in which she writes that her husband, who is facing three years of prison stemming from three misdemeanor tax convictions, has been "wronged in a way that i thought only existed in the movies."

A U.S. District Court judge has ordered Snipes to begin serving his sentence over his three 2008 convictions for willfully failing to file tax returns, though the actor's attorneys reportedly have asked for his bail to be extended as he prepares for a possible appeal of his conviction.

After writing in the letter that her "warrior husband is still standing strong," Nikki explains she's reaching out "for the sake of our five wonderful children's future" and for "my man's integrity and dignity," which, she alleges, have been "destroyed" by the "government" and "the media."

Indeed, after reviewing the case, Nikki contends it's "more than obvious that the government has been abusing" its power to make an example of her famous husband for "a crime he NEVER committed." She also accuses the media of playing "a HUGE part in the government's propoganda to make his case appear as a tax fraud crime scheme."

Nikki insists her husband is "NOT a tax-evading criminal," but an "honorable man" and "an artist who simply needs an honest accountant."

"Please feel free to share the truth if you happen to come across misinformed people," she concludes, although neither she nor Wesley Snipes' manager David Schiff responded to our emails requesting comment by deadline.
Jacked from NY Daily News


Tax payer! said...

BITCH please!!

Did the crime, now do the time, he is no better than the regular joe blow who has to pay taxes, and the regular joe didn't make 12 million dollars and didn't pay taxes, your husband did.

This is one pathetic man, now he's whoring your ass to write letters to keep his ass out of jail.

Ron Isley just got out of jail for tax evasion, What! is Wesley suppose to get a pass because he thinks he's above the law, if he is exempted from paying taxes then Ron Isley and others should sue for being falsely imprisoned, and WE ALL should avoid paying the government taxes.


Anonymous said...

It's some nigga shit, but I gotta give lady the handclap for standing by her man even though he need to pay Uncle Sam like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:44

wit ya on that

a woman all men dream about

Unknown said...

Dear Mrs. Snipes,

I am very sorry to hear of ur plight. I have a solution that will get ur husband and one of my favorite actors out of prison. I have a connection that will take ur husband out of the jurisdiction of the present De Facto legal system, and place him in the De Jure, which is the original Republic of the united States. This is sure way to win, and not one that is known or done by most lawyers. The greater liklyhood is that u won't take heed, and just wait for him to get out the hard way. Please I plead with u for the sake of Wesley and ur kids and urself and lastly for the admiring public to at least check it out. Either write me or call me at (619) 788 - 8288, and then I will give up my connection's name and phone no, and u can talk directly with him.
God bless, warm regards, Paul Slysh

Anonymous said...

i support wesley snipes. the govt takes from us why pay to make them richer. im a middle class person with no money and yes wesley and hi family do not know me but i am a big fan of wesley snipes and acting isnt easy which i am not an actor but i would take his place anytime. i am a nobody he is an icon.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your letter campaign. While I enjoy your husbands films, I can honestly say that not enough people know accounting and trust in people who are not that honest. The problem being is that if your husband failed to file a tax return, the government will not believe you no matter what is said. If you filed and there were errors on your return, then you could have a chance. Also, were you legal residence of the United States. I guess the question comes as to why your accountant did not actually file returns or make sure that you were legal in this regard. I would say you need better legal advise and a new accountant. I pray for your family. Having a loved one in prison or away from the family is never easy.

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