Thursday, December 2, 2010

Britney Spears in an Abusive Relationship?

Britney Spears ex-husband says Britney confided in him that she was being abused. 
After her very public breakdown and a string of failed romances, Britney Spears made a tremendous comeback — professionally and personally — largely because of her agent-turned-boyfriend Jason Trawick, who helped her rebuild her career and life. But in a blockbuster world exclusive, Star has learned that the relationship has turned violent!

In our Dec. 13 issue, on sale today, Britney's former husband Jason Alexander tells Star that the pop princess confided to him that Trawick beat her — on multiple occasions.

"Britney is in an abusive relationship," the entertainer's first husband says in a detailed interview with Star. "She told me her life had turned into a nightmare."

Childhood friends Britney and Alexander stayed in touch after their 55-hour marriage was annulled in 2004. But their casual texts, phone calls and emails took a dark turn when she recently confided that Trawick "hit her so hard it gave her a black eye," Alexander says.

And the abuse wasn't a solitary incident, Alexander tells Star in our issue. Nor was it the only jaw-dropping secret the megastar told her ex! She also revealed that she had been pregnant with Trawick’s child earlier this year, Alexander says.

Alexander says he's telling this story because he's "really concerned" for Britney who he feels is “telling me these secrets as a way of getting out of this.”
Jacked from Star Magazine


Anonymous said...

If your friend confided in you why you sell it to a tabloid - I say foul on this one - not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Let this be a lesson to "all young girls" messing around with the wrong man can destroy your life. This downward spiral started with K-Fed, after he used the hell out of her and secured his pockets by pretending to love her and then getting her pregnant the poor girl has been falling lower than a snacks belly ever since. It's so sad what females will do for love. Money and fame efinately hasn't brought her any happiness.

nba is fixed said...

Is this web site white owned? Can you guys please stop with the white gossip? If I wanted to read about white celebrities I would go on TMZ.

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