Friday, December 3, 2010

Evelyn Lozada Talks About Her Engagement

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada shares her happy news in a new interview.
She's a football wife-to-be -- with the gi-normous bling to prove it!

Model and Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada opened up to exclusively about her surprise engagement to Chad Ochocinco.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver and Dancing With the Stars alum Ochocinco, 32, popped the question Nov. 16. The setting was the athlete's Cincinnati house. And the couple wasn't alone for the romantic moment.

"He had a jeweler come to the house," Lozada tells Us, explaining that a rep from jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills frequently travels to clients. "[It was] a total surprise! We sat there and picked out the ring."

Lozada's choice was a round, 10-carat diamond with "pave diamonds around the stone and around the band as well," she explained. "I fell in love with [the ring] and he loved it too."

"It was definitely exciting," Lozada gushed, adding that her man gave "input of what he liked and didn't like -- that was super cute! He definitely had a say-so."
The duo hasn't yet set a date. "To be honest, [Basketball Wives] is airing in literally two weeks," explained Lozada, who formerly dated basketball player Antoine Walker. "[Chad's] playing football. We're waiting on the show and football season to end so we can start focusing on the next stage of our lives."

What kind of theme does she want? "I've always envisioned my wedding as cream color and white. Very clean. A lot of candles. He was born and raised in Miami and I live here now -- that whole Miami vibe."

As for the dress, Lozada said she wants a "mermaid style" gown. "Very fitted. I've always loved corset, sexy, formfitting dresses."

Lozada can't wait to be Ochocinco's bride. "He's very interesting," she told Us. "You never know what he's going to say, and he has a great sense of humor."
She added that their relationship has a solid foundation. "Before we met, we communicated over the phone for a month. We got to know each other like that before seeing each other," she said. "We have a true friendship. And he can keep up with my mouth! I'm very verbal, and say what I think and feel. He's the same way. He makes me laugh."
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Anonymous said...

This troll looks like she should be under a bridge waitin for billygoats or sum'n she is Dumb wack

Anonymous said...

@Evelyn Bitch I thought you and Chad were sooo private like Jay-Z and Beyawnce?
What happened?
I knew you couldn't resist.
ps.I can't wait to see Tami whoop yo ass on the show.

Anonymous said...

he buys everyone engagement rings. He bought Cheryl Burke his partner from Dancing With the Stars a ring in April. Need more people CHAD you are a FAME WHORE! WOMP WOMP!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What happened to that "winner" from his bull shit ass dating show I never watched. I read her interview on vh1 website where she said she didnt believe Eve and Chad were togther cuz Chad gave her a ring and they still talked e'ry day!

Anonymous said...

This shyt is so fake. They both is going out for their own reality shows. Everlyn feel that she is making the basketball wives show popular but not getting the pay and Chad is in love TO. Beside he come off ass a brotha that don't go for sloppy seconds, well thirds in Everlyn's case. Man if yall believe this shyt I got some real cheap land to sell ya. Chad heard Everlyn speak about getting her last fiance money and having a big party with it and how broke he was. Come on now you think this man is going to fall for that and beside Everlyn got too much hood in her. Last week it was reported they were married now they are ingage, damn go figure. Also Everlyn has the wrong racial make-up for Chad.

Anonymous said...

This bitch ain't no model.


I thought these two bitches were going to be private like Jayz and Bey.

Anonymous said...

now everybody and they mama knows jay z and beyonce are about as private as an open book so these two clowns are going about it the right way.

Anonymous said...

I hate these people.

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