Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feud Over Swazye Estate

Patrick Swazye's family is accusing his widow of shutting them out.
A bitter family feud erupted over PATRICK SWAYZE's fortune!

Patrick Swayze's widow Lisa Niemi has turned her back on her deceased husband's family, say sources close to the family.

Since the beloved actor's death from pancreatic cancer in September 2009, Lisa has seen his mother only once - for a televised cancer fundraiser this fall.

As Lisa, 54, becomes more involved in her role as a cancer activist, she has pushed Patrick's family members out of her life, a family friend tells The ENQUIRER.

"It's admirable that Lisa is passionate about cancer awareness," the friend continued. "She watched her husband fight to stay alive while he was in constant pain, and it tore her up - she doesn't want that to happen to anyone else.

"But it seems her relationship with the Swayze family died with Patrick."

Lisa does financially support Patsy, 83, with the same monthly allowance that Patrick had sent to her for years, and Patsy and Patrick's brother Sean still live in a Simi Valley, Calif., home that belonged to Patrick. Lisa currently owns the property.

As The ENQUIRER reported in July, a bitter family feud had erupted over Patrick's fortune. Lisa inherited everything after his death, and the rest of his family felt she wasn't as generous as they had hoped she'd be. The bad feelings escalated in August when Lisa told Patrick's brothers that she wanted to move Patsy into an assisted-living facility.

Sean, 48, was worried that if Patsy went to a home, Lisa would sell the house and he'd be out on the street.

According to the source, Lisa is trying to honor Patrick's wishes and at the same time move forward with her life.

"Patrick's family has come apart at the seams since his death," continued the friend. "They feel Lisa has completely turned her back on them.

"Patsy keeps saying she is just 'sitting around waiting to die' - and it breaks her heart because Lisa never calls or visits.

"Patrick and Lisa never had children, so Patsy's only direct connection to a large part of her son's life is Lisa. There are times Patsy would like to talk to Lisa about Patrick - but Lisa's not there for her."

On Sept. 10, Lisa brought Patsy to a Stand Up To Cancer event in Los Angeles, but in the last year, she has seldom seen Patrick's brothers Don or Sean.

"Patrick was always the one who made sure everyone was OK, but now that he's gone, the family feels lost," added the friend.
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Anonymous said...

Boy, nothing like a death in the family to bring out UGLINESS and GREED!!

Anonymous said...

from what i heard they were not together in the last year.. they got back together when he wsas diagnosed. oh and she was said to be just a beard..

Anonymous said...

no!!, not paTRICKKKK!!!...if there's one man i don't want the gays to claim, it's him! patrick seemed like he was a very nice passionate person in real life, loved him in GHOST

Anonymous said...

So the relatives are pissed because she's not giving them what they think is enough, but she's giving them something? Selfish bastards, be greatful and thankful that you're getting ANYTHING. I would have cut them m-f-ers off QUICK!!!

Anonymous said...

Patrick should have left behind a trust fund for his mother so that she would be wel taken care of. Now for the brothers, they need to get a job and a life. The mother deserves to be treated like a queen. he always spoke highly of her, i'm shocked he didn't leave her somehing.

Anonymous said...

She don't owe them shit! she gave them money and hell she didn't to do that! boo hoo they lazy asses have to get up and take care of themselves, what a novel idea. Get the f*ck outta here.

Anonymous said...

I call bull shit. Whats the point of having a will if your wishes arent carried out after you die! Patrick left everything to his wife for a reason. He know his family better than we do, so obviously if he wanted to leave them money he would. Family is a trip, especially when money comes into play!

Anonymous said...

Forget it, I have tried now 3 times to get this message across, and I "somehow lose it" each time..... So, suffice to say, that I honestly believe that Lisa DID what Patrick would have wanted her to do..... End of story!! Think what you all want, as you will anyway, but know that Patrick was NOT STUPID, so just WHY do you think that he left his entire estate to his precious wife??? Anyway, "there it is," my feelings on this entire STUPID issue!!!

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