Friday, December 3, 2010

Gisele Bundchen Caught Changing in a Car

There's a butt shot and some side boob.

I don’t know when these pictures were taken, or if these pictures belong to a paparazzi agency or not. I just know they are floating around the internet and therefore I had no choice but to post them for you.

In the event that you have no eyes, they are shots of Gisele at a photoshoot in St Barts changing in the back seat of her car.

You can see most of her tranny tits that could be dick implants and I was surprised her tranny dick wasn’t tucked between her ass cheeks like some kind of tail.

Maybe the female hormones have made it shrink down into a weatherd clit you can hardly see poking out in bathing suit bottoms unless it is arounsed….or maybe it’s taped to her leg….because I have spoke to many Brazilians and there is no evidence she’s not a dude.

Sure she’s married to a football player, and those locker rooms are notoriously straight….and sure she was “pregnant” and there’s no way it was a prosthetic…and sure she was in fired from Victoria’s Secret cuz she was a bad model and not because they wanted her gone before the world found out her secret…cuz admitting your lingerie model dudes have jerked off to for years is actually a he could ruin a huge corporation…and I guess it doesn’t matter…since if she plays a girl in her everyday life and she looks like this…she’s close enough to fuck and not kill yourself like teenager for coming out of the closet.

All this to say….Great pics. Probably staged to hit today to take attention of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show that bored the fuck out of me. I like revenge when it is like this.

Jacked from Drunken Stepfather


Anonymous said...

That's just nasty! Pale ass.

Anonymous said...

I bet Tom Brady feels like his dick is swingin like Wesley Pipes when his hittin her skinny ass..her booty looks like 2 KFC biscuits!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Shit I'd eat it!

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