Monday, December 6, 2010

Is Gabriel Aubry a Professional Sperm Donor?

Kim Kardashian planning baby with Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry
KIM KARDASHIAN's hunt for a baby daddy is over!

She's telling pals that her choice would be Halle Berry's ex, model Gabriel Aubry. The gorgeous new couple made their first public appearance at a Los Angeles Lakers game on Nov. 21.

"Kim is looking for a man who will make good daddy material, and she's head over heels for Gabriel," divulged a friend of the 30-year-old reality TV sexpot.

"They met last year at an event but only recently ignited a romance. Gabriel is gorgeous, self-made and most importantly for Kim, he's already proven himself as a capable and devoted dad.

"She's ready to start a family and wants someone with good genes who isn't afraid of diaper duty and late-night feedings.

"Kim believes she's struck the jackpot with Gabriel!"
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Damn Kim you looking like a desperate Ho

Anonymous said...

What is this MESS!!!!

Where is the story 'bout Halle being pissed like a ma'fucka ova her baby dad messing with some "plastic" hooka, the SAME plastic hooka she used to talk shit about to him. And since they ran in diff circles she neva dreamed the day he would actually run into her much less date the bitch!

Come on!

Anonymous said...

ManWhore...that's all I have to say about this man. What in the hell could Halle been thinking of? She tried to pay this dude off and helped him finance a restaurant in NYC that went bust over a year ago to pay for his sperm. Now he is in the right lane now...selling his ass for cash fits right along with the Whodashian mantra in life. If this was a black man, he would called all kinds of names. This should not be nothing new. I somehow do not see Halle wanting Nahla around this phuckery, but if he impregnates this plastic bish...she might not have any choice in the matter.

Halle could have done so much better for herself than this creep. Oh well, she has a daughter that she would die for, so I guess that is all that matters...SMDH!--ThatBKChick

Anonymous said...

Goes to show all this gossip is BS, I just read somewhere else she's pregnant by Kanye...C'Mon Son!!

Anonymous said...

This bish can't get pregnant - can you imagine how many times they scraped fetuses from her armenian Gabriel had pussy once he didn't like it he ain't coming back - he gay.....

Anonymous said...

who gives a damn that he's with whore ass kim.. you gotta move on with somebody.. I know halle can't be angry over that shit.. kim ain't getting none of her money because she had enough brains not to marry this dude..yeah he's cute but conceited and arrogant from what i hear. as long as he takes care of his baby its nothing to worry about.. soon as ole boy slacks up with the baby, mama better find the nearest court.. you know how some men when they get new pussy, the kids become second fiddle or no fiddle at all.. so let this shit go.. he moved on so what.. i hope he is happy..

Anonymous said...

Why yall worrying about what that ho, (yeah I said ho), halle berry has to say about what this man does, halle fucks just as many men as Kim K.

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