Friday, December 3, 2010

Kim and Kourtney Fell Out Over Secret Marriage

Kim Kardashian didn't speak her older sister Kourtney for 3 months after Kourtney told their parents about  Kim's elopement at age 19.
KIM KARDASHIAN was estranged from her older sister KOURTNEY for three months in 2000 following her surprise marriage to music producer DAMON THOMAS - after her sibling exposed her big secret to their parents.

The socialite eloped with Thomas when she just 19 and exchanged vows without the knowledge of her family.

But her sudden marital status was revealed to all when Kourtney found out - and proceeded to email a copy of Kim's marriage certificate to their attorney father Robert Kardashian and their mother Kris.

Kourtney says, "The biggest fight was when Kim eloped... and didn't tell anyone in our family."

Kim continues, "And Kourtney found my marriage certificate on the internet and emailed it to my parents."

The fall out resulted in the sisters shutting one another out of their lives for months - until their dad forced them to put an end to the feud.

Kourtney adds, "Kim and I didn't speak for like three months, and then my dad put us in the car and said, 'You girls are not getting out of the car until you've sorted this out'."

Kim went on to divorce Thomas after four years.
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old news...anything to stay relevant

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bringing up 11 yo news come

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Kourtney was only helping out this DUM ASS broad!!!

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Shit I was sure Kim was the oldest but Kourt does look it in this pic. But ur uhm wtf was she looking for a marriage certificate anyway--that doesn't seem like a casual happening to me.

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