Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lenny Kravitz Says Teena Marie Saved His Life

Little known fact about Lenny Kravitz: Teena Marie took him in as a teen and molded him into the musician he is today.
Teena Marie may not have been a household name, but she was instrumental in Lenny Kravitz's rise to fame.

The Grammy Award-winning singer posted a message on YouTube Monday from Paris after waking up to find out his "long-time friend" had died suddenly at the age of 54.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Teena, she took me in when I was around 16," he said. "I was just a musician living on the street living from pillar to post."

The 46-year-old singer-songrwiter said she took him in, gave him a bedroom and instruments and trailed him to concerts and recording sessions.

"She nurtured me and helped me to become who I am," he said, adding that he never really talked about their bond in depth.

The duo did however record a duet, "Main Squeeze," that appeared on Marie's 1994 album, "Passion Play.”

"She changed my life not only as an artist but as a person who truly loved me for who I was," Kravitz added in his video, before admitting they had been out of contact for the past few years.

"I will always love and respect you," he concluded. "Thank you, Father, for the life of Teena Marie."

But Kravitz is not the only high profile singer who shares a history with Marie. Rap star Common revealed that he and Marie had the same star signs.

"Teena and I are both Pisces and we believe that we've been here before," he tweeted. "That's why 'De Ja Vu' is my favorite song."

Meanwhile, Diddy revealed that he just saw the legendary musician "the other day" before tweeting, "God Bless."

Mary J. Blige opted for the traditional "rest in peace" message before adding, "My Love for u is forever."

One of Marie's younger admirers, Alicia Keys, 29, also tweeted a tribute to the “Ooo La La La” singer.

"God bless Teena Marie & her Family! Sending Blessings & prayers," she wrote on Twitter. "I was just sayin that [Fire and Desire] is one of the most beautifully performed songs!"

Marie, who was a protégé of Rick James', was found dead by her 18-year-old daughter Sunday in California.

Her publicist said she suffered a grand mal seizure a month ago but no cause of death has been released.

An autopsy is set to take place later this week, though, according to TMZ.com, no illegal drugs were found at the scene.

Jacked from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

man they are hell bent on trying to blame this on drugs i say let the fallen be.

Anonymous said...

Sure... she took you in and you guys had a sexual relationship on the side. She not only trained you in the art of music, but also in the art of fucking. Since you guys are such musicial soul mates, that is 100% understandable. She will be missed! love you Teena Marie! gone too soon!

Anonymous said...

@3:57 go suck a fat one

Anonymous said...

yeah 3:57 suck a fat one and eat a bloddy one you sawed off sonof a bitch.. oh and jacker Teen MArie is a houselhould name, white folks just didnt know about her !!!!!!!!!!!!

JAMAICA said...

@3:57 You must really be a miserable wreck in your personal life. I can visualize your house looking like a complete mess, your carpet smells like cat urine, you have plates and silverware that are so dirty, they ar radioactive, and a toilet with a lot of scratches in it.

Nika said...

@3:57 - have some RESPECT u ragedy bastard!

RIP - To Teena Marie & my heart is heavy for Lenny..

Anonymous said...

RIP Teena Marie. I have been a serious stan for years; collecting your music, your videos, attending many many concerts, saving some of the interviews you've done, etc. Just a real die hard fan. It feels like my heart is broken. I'm so depressed. I keep remembering when we met and how we talked and had a few laughs. You were so down to Earth....Rest on my sister. I will always love you.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful story and I'm sure Lenny cared for her deeply... However, Lenny had a caring and wealthy Mom in Roxy Roker and CHOSE to live pillar to post.

I appreciate that Teena Marie helped to shape and mold him into the musician he is today - And I have much respect for her and her talents(RIP). But this video makes him seem like a poor kid with nowhere to go and no one to support him when this was a life choice for him.

Anonymous said...

FUCK ALL U RETARDS! you think people didn't have sex before they passed on. Who cares if she fucked him! big deal! Most people do fuck before they die! I would have fucked his ass too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry and no disrespect, but I was kind of thinking that they may have had something going on also. If they did, cool, if not cool. They are adults, no biggie. Regardless, she nurtured him and helped make him into a man and great musician, so kudos to her.

Anonymous said...

And 2:59, I was thinking the same thing when I heard this, that he had a mom that had money (pretty sure dad had his own money too). But maybe his parents put him out and refused to support him as an artist. But still, it's not like he was an orphan.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering why Lenny never put it on front street that she helped paved his career and help him be the person he is today. 3:57 is a f*cking moron, but might have some validity that maybe there was something there that faded away and it was to be never discussed again, because it did not end up the way she or he wanted? Who knows...she was only 8 years older than he was. I/We Don't know or care..Lady T is gone....

I too was a die hard fan. After her New Years Day concert in ATL (THEY WILL BE DOING A TRIBUTE TO HER IN Atlanta-probably will be on t.v.) she was supposed to be heading to Oakland, CA, the Paramount Theater. I had tickets. I never missed a Lady T concert since 1991 when I was a little girl. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform in London at the Hammersmith Odeon, front-row seat where I got to shake her hand and gave her flowers..since then every album/cd, concert...I am just so sad that my favorite singer is gone. Say Hi Rick when you get there...he probably has a big one waiting for you too!! RIP Lady T-Ivory Queen of Soul.

Anonymous said...

not a household name? FU! RIP Lady T

Anonymous said...

Lenny's mom was the woman who played Tom's wife on the Jeffersons. His dad was a producer I believe.

Lenny was doin his thing but he probably needed some guidance from outside his parents' reach.

Mrs. Moody

I love Teena's first album.

facingreality said...

@2:59 PM - I totally agree! Lenny did have a very loving Mom/Dad who had plenty of money! Roxie was married in real life to a white man, much like she played on The Jeffersons. Lenny was not broke by any stretch of the imagination. I get so tired of hearing kids who, like Lenny, CHOOSE, to live pillar to post describe how difficult their childhoods were. Thankfully, Teena took him in and helped him to realize his musical dream but it was HIS CHOICE to be destitute.

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