Monday, December 20, 2010

Sherri Shepherd Engaged to be Married

Congratulations to Sherri Shepherd who snagged another man!
The View's SHERRI SHEPHERD, who also happens to host The Newlywed Game is getting hitched, say sources!

Sherri is hoping for an extra special gift under the Christmas tree this year - an engagement ring!

The View star and Newlywed Game hostess with the mostest, 34, has been dating L.A.-based writer-teacher Lamar "Sal" Sally since the summer, and now expects to be a bride-to-be in the New Year.

"Sherri has been wanting Sal to ask her to marry him since the two hit it off earlier this year and attended some awards shows on the west coast," said an insider.

Sherri - the divorced, single mother who has a 4-year-old son Jeffrey -- has been talking about finding a new husband since she's been on the The View, but comic pal Niecy Nash helped the actress-talk show host's dreams come true.

"Niecy saw two great single people who seemed perfect for each other, and couldn't help but play matchmaker for Sherri and Sal," explained the insider.

The happy couple is currently celebrating the holidays together in Sherri's new New York brownstone apartment.

And when Sherri and Sal recently appeared on an HGTV Christmas decorating special with family and friends, Sal revealed that Sherri had been pushing him to set a date.

"She'll just have to wait to see what's under the Christmas tree," he divulged

With a little help from St. Nick, wedding bells may soon be a-ringin'.
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Some just love setting themselves up. How do you announce that you're 'getting engaged'? If that's the case, anyone who is unmarried and want to be married is 'getting engaged'.


Anonymous said...

Sherri I really hope this is not a black man that your'e getting married to.

I really hope that you'll get a pre-nup.

You know black men are the real golddiggers between black men and black women.

If only 35% of black men ever get married.

and only so many of them make over 100,000 a year

and out of the black men that make over 100,000

a year 85% of them marry outside their race.If

black woman such as Sherri marries a black man

she is likely marrying down economically.

Overall I think it's safe to say that black men

dont believe in sharing their wealth with black women.

It's sad but if you think about it many black women

in hollywood that marry black men marry down.

Anonymous said...

Sherri are'nt you still paying your deadbeat
black ex-husband that cheated on you and had a
baby with that white woman?
Have you learned nothing Sherri?
Marriage can suck but at least marry someone that has money like you or more money than you.Why date a teacher?Does he have a successful business on the side?

Anonymous said...

Epic effing fail

This is wrong on so many counts. 1) Sherri's 43/44, not 34. 2) When "friends" get involved in something as important as marriage, it's bound to fail. Nothing wrong with just dating and let it fall in place from there. 3) Sherri had a Lifetime sitcom (which was actually funny) based on her ex cheating and her moving on. Unless dude is a lawyer, no man with good intentions will marry someone who puts their business out there like that. Yes, she might get some man-whore looking to stir things up to get paid in the end but she might want to put the brakes on man-hunting for a minute and do her.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:21, Awww.... So why you calling out the black man, honey? Is it because the brothers where you live don't want your grouchy ass? Anyway, I don't get why you turned this woman's situation into a race thing in a shabby attempt to denounce the black man with a few numbers and stats. Why do black people love to give each other a hard time? We can't seem to get on the same page for anything or have anything nice to say about each other.
@ 11:27 So if your boyfriend has good intentions but made considerably less money than you, you'd give him the brush off when he proposed to you? If the answer is yes, then you are a small excuse for a woman.

Anonymous said...

Shhit it's not like the nicca could get away - those linebacker shoulders can stop the most determined escapee....

Anonymous said...

@1:42 It is not my fault that black men gold dig on black women.

They do not tend to require for their non black wives to have their own money and so forth.

Secondly I have NO brothers.

Thirdly you and I both know that any black woman with a section 8 apartment can have a black man.
I live in a house that I own.I also have a car that I own.So unfortunately for me I have to beat your "brothers" off me with a stick.

Someone has to tell black women the truth about their brothers and their non brotherly love.

Y not Me?

You and I both know that wealthy black men are not marrying or even dating broke black whores the way they do all the time with non black broke whores

Why are you mad at me for telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

@ 4:24, The truth the lady says. Please, all you did was present a crude and offensive stereotype based in ignorance. I feel bad you can't find a brother worth your time but life is harsh, sweetie. Don't use ugly words to disrespect me (as black male) ,blatant or indirectly. It makes you look lowly yourself when you shit on your own people through your speech or actions.Generalizing all brothers as "ain't shit" gets me heated because I know I'm worth more than a turd in a commode, that's why I'm mad.

Anonymous said...

@6:45 And unfortunately nothing you said changes

the fact that when it comes to monetary value

black men as a collective add very little to the

lives of black women and children here America.

You might be a great person I'm sorry that you

are offended BUT I am offended that black men are

gold digging off of black women and thenclaiming

black women are golddiggers when there are more

black women taking care of themselves,black men

and black children than black men are.

Black men are not providing for black women.

Black women should not financially provide for

any group of men,not even black men.

However I do not mind black women financially

providing for ourselves just not any men.

Anonymous said...

@7:19, Well, I did my best but failed.You seem to be set in your silly mentality. That's cool, do what you do.However, know pride can be detrimental to our lives sometimes. I wonder what you will do when it's time to be married in X years. I doubt you'll marry outside your race because that would make you a hypocrite,and you seem to have a deep-seated borderline hatred for black guys.So, where does that leave you? I pray you change for your sake because it's tragic when a man dies a virgin but when a woman dies lonely it's catastrophic. May Allah smile upon you,sister.

Abel said...




Anonymous said...

Ok, in reading all the posts, let ME be the first, and hopefully not ONLY one that wishes Sherri good luck. People can't give up on love because the first one didn't work out.

Anonymous said...

*12:56p here*

I've been following Sherri since she did guest spots on Living Single and The Jamie Foxx show. Her stand-up is not bad, better than the Queens of Comedy from a while back. So I get her but it seems like every time she's in the news, it's something negative or childish. Just a couple of weeks ago, she admitted to a man on daytime TV that she wanted to make love to him. Trust, I've wanted to do all kinds of things to Prince since he had a big-ass Afro but as an older woman, I would have kept that to myself.

As a Black woman, I do hope she finds someone who is worthy while she is on Earth. The above dialogue posts may have been a little rough but it has a lot of truth. There are a lot of dogs looking for a woman with her own and there are some upstanding Black men out there but finding can be a chore.

Anonymous said...

last sentence *finding them can be a chore*.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ this bitter ass black bitch on here trying to start shit.

#1 66% of black men making over 100K have non-black spouses - spouses that are classified as non-black via the census so many of these women are probably MIXED race.

#2 The average salary in America is 45K - this includes WHITE PEOPLE. So white women are marrying men that make FAR LESS than 100K. This is why they are married at much higher rates. They are not worried about what a 100K man is doing and who he is fucking because they know that there are far more men within their grasp
to marry.

#3 Black men make more than black women as most men make more than most women. The main problem is that lower income black men and women do not value marriage. They are not even considering marriage. Whereas lower income WHITES and LATINOS do actually get married. If a black woman making 40K were to marry a black man making 35K they'd be a middle class family with a decent life. But that extra 5K makes more black women turn their noses up and say that he is "beneath" them. They want a man making six figures even though they can barely keep their checking account out of the red.

Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Black people, can we please stop the hate amongst each other ? If not for our sakes, for the sake of the holiday spirit.As a people, we have to stop beefing over stuff that really doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

the only bitter b is you @12/21 2:18.

Sherri Shepard is NOT middle class.I was specifically talking about bw in hollywood.
Get over yourself!

It is important that bw keep their hard earned money out of the hands of black men.

I don't think black women should golddig on black men but black men damn sure shouldn't be golddiggin on black women.Which many black men are

Fact of the matter is poor black men are dating marrying black women while rich black men date and marry non black women.

They do not believe in adding value to the lives of black women and I do not believe black women should be paying black men anything.

Anonymous said...

True-true @ NubianGoddez. Hahahaha! She does resemble SpongeBob around that mid-region.

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