Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Small World

Miley Cyrus' bong pal is also a friend of Disney kid Demi Lavato.
It seems the girl who allegedly taped Miley Cyrus‘ now infamous Salvia bong smoking incident, Anna Oliver, was also friends with another troubled star — Demi Lovato! Radar Online reports, “In March 2010, Oliver and Lovato- along with Joe Jonas- were photographed going to church together in Los Angeles. The two girls spent a lot of time with one another in the spring and Lovato posted plenty of photos of her and Oliver, calling each other ‘BFF’s.”

Miley and Demi had become close friends recently, and even spoke of recording an album together to HollywoodLife in September of 2010!

It seems funny that the tape would leak from Anna, especially since Miley’s recent string of troubles have helped most people forget about the formerly troubled Demi, now in a treatment facility.

Since her name has been leaked, Anna has taken down her Twitter and gone into hiding according to the site. Anna was also friends with Miley, though not as close with her as she was with Demi.

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Do you think Anna leaked the tape on purpose to help her friend or was it an accident?
Jacked from Hollywood Life


Anonymous said...

sounds like a shady friend to me. i for one think she's responsible for both of their recent troubles. tryna ruin their lives because she's jealous! not everyone who smiles in your face is a friend...

Anonymous said...

With friends like that who needs enemies. Jealous bitch

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