Thursday, December 23, 2010

Taylor Momsen Booed in Scotland

Taylor Momsen is in desperate need of a geography lesson.
Taylor Momsen's latest on-stage controversy (thankfully) didn't have to do with any exposed body parts.

Instead, the "Gossip Girl" star actually got herself into trouble while trying to compliment her audience.

In a video taken during a Dec. 13 concert, Momsen can be seen on stage telling the crowd, "We're The Pretty Reckless and we've heard that Glasgow is the craziest crowd in all of England."

Within seconds, loud boos can be heard from off-screen.

The problem? Glasgow isn't in England. It's in Scotland.

In fact, as the band started to play, audience members began screaming "Scotland," but it seems the 17-year-old didn't notice her gaffe until much later.

"Glasgow, I love you," she tweeted after the concert. "I now HAVE to tour SCOTLAND."

She added in parentheses, "haha, sorry bout the slip up!"
Jacked from NY Daily News 


Anonymous said...

anyone surprised , her greedy parents only trained her to be a fame whore , and make money for them until she 18 and burns out like all white child stars

Anonymous said...

This bitch needs to be in someones classroom.

Anonymous said...

Time for Cyndi Lou to go to college.

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