Thursday, January 13, 2011

Elin Callls Tiger a Snoop

Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin accuses the golfer of breaking in her house and snooping through her things.
In a shocking "home invasion," TIGER WOODS slipped into ex-wife ELIN NORDEGREN's house while she was away, and she believes he rummaged through her personal papers to read her private diaries, Elin has told friends.

Tiger waited until his ex-wife was out of town and then went on a frantic search for the diaries - to learn what she's disclosed about him in her most intimate writings, Elin revealed to close pals.

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that the sensational journals contain details of their divorce, and how Elin has moved on with her life since dumping her cheating husband, plus information about any new romantic liaisons that the jealous athlete was dying to discover.

"Tiger is obsessed with keeping tabs on Elin," revealed a source close to the beautiful Swedish blonde. "When she found out he got in the house, she went ballistic!

"'I feel violated!' she told a friend. 'I'm totally creeped out by it. He has absolutely no right to be in my home! I don't want him sneaking around, searching through my drawers and cupboards and trying to find my diaries.

"I felt like I wanted to clean the whole house from top to bottom when I found out he'd been here."

Elin told her friends that the startling incident happened when she was away from her rented house in Windermere, Fla., for a few days between Thanksgiving and early December, and Tiger was taking care of their two children, Sam, 3, and Charlie, nearly 2.

The potent putter, 35 got into her home by concocting a story to talk his way past her house staff, Elin told pals.

"She says he used the excuse that their kids
had left some things he had to pick up," the source revealed.

After her return, "Elin says she never confronted Tiger about sneaking into her home," the source said. But she warned her house staff: "If he ever gets in here again when I'm not home, you're fired!"

The source added: "Elin was still seething with anger when she and the kids left to spend the Christmas holiday with her family in Sweden."

The disgraced sports hero - exposed by The ENQUIRER last year as a serial cheater - has good reason to want to know what's in Elin's diaries.

They consist of an intimate series of journals the 30-year-old beauty started keeping even before meeting Tiger in 2001, say sources.

The chronicles hold revelations about Elin's life with Tiger, her discovery of his string of infidelities, his alleged use of drugs - and her involvement with at least one man since their marriage crashed and burned.

The ENQUIRER recently revealed that Elin had become friends with a fellow student at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla., and he kissed her while walking her to her car after a class.

"Tiger never wanted the divorce, and since they split up, he has been very jealous and possessive about Elin," said the source.

"She told a friend, 'I feel like he's stalking me! Our marriage is over - can't he accept that?

"I just want to move on with my life and he won't let me alone!"
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

I believe it just cause an arrogant ass like him would actually have the gall to not want Elin to move on and would do everything in his power to undermine her ability to do so.... plus he's probably uber jealous too - arrogant son of a bitch - I hope she gets with some random black man who is real black and broke as shit but loves her to death... that would be the ultimate dis... to an arrogant bastard like Nasty Dick Woods.

Anonymous said...

She better call the damn zoo cause it's a cheater in your house.Anyway, I don't even get why Tiger is sweating over this pasty faced bimbo. She's not even that pretty for a model. Dude better let it go before he loses more money in court. No disrespect to white women, but anytime one of them is hurt by a black guy, said black guy is going to suffer dire consequences.

Anonymous said...

Tiger has free range to Beckyville...this story sounds made up. All the panties available in the world, after smashing every piece of trailer garbage in the world...he would break in and snoop through her stuff like he's stalking her. What probably happened is that he wants to make sure the confidentiality agreement she signed in the divorce decree is not violated...But stalking her is laughable at best!

Anonymous said...

Next thing you broke bitches will be saying is that Tiger has joined the Illuminate!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this shit at all... I am not a fan of Tigers,but going to her house is the last thing on bugged eyed big teeth ass tigers mind.

He don't give a damn about who she is banging, if he did they would still be married... He cheated because she bored the fuck out of him, so why would he want to keep tabs on her again??????

Seriously the Enquirer?????

Anonymous said...

Not a damn soul is checking that b#tch diary she was a tired hoe when he met her she still is. PLUS she was the nanny for threesomes and not for babysitting the kids so hoe get out of here.

Anonymous said...

Abel said...

never liked him anyway and never will

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