Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eminem is a Spoil Sport

Eminem refuses to perform at this year's Brit Awards because show bosses won't promise he'll win a prize.

Eminem has decided against performing at this year's Brit Awards because award bosses refused to guarantee a prize at the February ceremony.

The 'No Love' rapper has been nominated for two awards including International Solo Male Artist and International Album, and is up against stiff competition from artists such as Kanye West, Kings of Leon and Bruce Springsteen - so it's no surprise that he's not a definite winner.

Rihanna has now replaced Eminem on the line-up for the 15th February bash, reports The Sun.

In other news though, Tinie Tempah is elated about his four nominations as he told the tabloid: "I'm over the moon. I never expected this."

Should Eminem have performed anyway?
Jacked from TaleTela


Anonymous said...

Eminem is overrated and way past his prime! White America has always kissed his ass and let him get away with anything. If this were kanye, 1st of all it would be all over the media and they would be calling him all types of jerks and assholes!

Anonymous said...

Sounds lie Em is on some Beyonce ish -- never shows up to an award show if she's not nominated or can't win.

Anonymous said...

There's been lots of awards shows where he has been nominated and won but didn't show. I don't know about this story....

Anonymous said...

I call bullshiit on this story.

Receiving awards and accolades aren't what motivates Em and that can be heard plain as day in his music and seen through his actions.

Besdies, he didn't even go to the oscars the night he was nominated and won for 8 Mile soundtrack because he spent it at home with his daughter. I think something else came up.

Anonymous said...

Co Sign with 11:19 and 10:15!

Eminem is on his "grown man" shit right now!
I do wish he'd go on a full tour in the US or at least come to Houston, TX!!

#Team Marshall Mathers/Eminem all day!

Anonymous said...

agree with the rest who are calling bullshit. em has been staying out of the spotlight and spending more time with his daughter and good for him

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