Saturday, January 8, 2011

John Edwards Proposes to Mistress!?

John Edwards couldn't possibly be this callous. Could he?

In an outrageous disregard for his wife ELIZABETH's deathbed wish, JOHN EDWARDS proposed to his mistress, RIELLE HUNTER, just three weeks after burying his heartbroken spouse.

During the festive holiday getaway, the callous ex-senator introduced his children to Rielle Hunter - who had destroyed his 33-year marriage and gave birth to his love child, Frances Quinn, now 2 years old.

What's more, The ENQUIRER learned that homewrecker Rielle made a shocking decision - to direct John's young children to "Call me Mommy!"

The disgraced two-time presidential loser ended the late December get-together by pledging his love to Rielle and promising they would all eventually "become one big, happy family," say sources.

"Elizabeth must be turning over in her grave!" declared an insider.
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

i call bull. "johnny" (as the mistress calls him) will probably propose eventually but not this soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by anything that happens in the world, especially coming from where I'm from (Camden , NJ).News like this just reassures me the world is a nasty place and life is just depressing sometimes.Anyway, this guy is politician, so it doesn't shock me that he is an awful excuse for a person.

Anonymous said...

His mistress resembles Camilla Parker Bowles (sp). He was so wrong in the way he treated Elizabeth. I know a man (humans) have needs, but my goodness.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is not even that the man wife just died but that now he has a responsibility to be a dad to his still to very young children I forget there names. For him to even think about marrying this woman at this point of time makes him seems even lower. He needs to just focus on there wants and needs right now and marrying another woman that you can remembering as breaking your mother heart is not going to bring this family closer. Rielle should not even want to step into this situation until she clears her heart of all the malice that she has created. And john can for once show Elizabeth and his children how much he does love them by doing in this moment and for once putting his children and the only family that he has left right by putting them first. If he marries this woman he is asking for all that he is getting. For Heaven sakes you could have been the president of the United States can you pick a less classer woman to be by your side. He wanted the job but yet he is not even willing to elevate his character and the kind of company that he should keep. If he keep going in this direction Rielle daughter is going to be the only that he will have a relationship with he still is not showing a stronger love to a family that he took 30 years creating.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is true or not, but if he cheated on his wife AND had an outside child on her while she was dealing with cancer and not being there for his younger children but off creating a new life with his mistress and their INFANT, if he DID do this, it would only solidify what a big HORSES A$$ he REALLY is!!

Anonymous said...

This dude is a monster

Anonymous said...

Actually 7:44, Elizabeth gave guardianship to their oldest daughter so she'll be raising the younger kids. She didn't want them around Rielle (can you blame her?) I wouldn't be surprised if this has happened.

Anonymous said...


Yeah that true but legally the father will probably have the right to the children over the eldest daughter unless he just don't want to raise them. Most men give up way too easy and he might see if easier to play house with Rielle for right now.

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