Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kris Jenner Says Kim Kardashian Isn't Serious About Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian's mother Says Kim and Kris Humprhries are just friends.

I guess according to Kim's mommy she is a "serial dater"---which to me pretty much translates to insecure needy chick... that's a ho! LOL

Things supposedly are getting serious with Kim Kardashian(30) and New Jersey Nets player, Kris Humphries(25) according to him! Kim supposedly began screwing dating Humphries in early November(even though she said she wouldn't be in a relationship this year-LMAO)..

Kim went to the Nets game on January 1 to watch Humphries and afterward, Kim joined Kris, his parents and his sister Kaela for dinner at the Grand Hotel. A source tells E! News:"Kris' family like Kim. They think she is really nice, considerate and pretty... Kris and Kim have fun together. They get along really well." BUT IT GETS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

When Kimmy's mama, Kris(yea it's confusing because they have the same name)---was asked about Humphries, Kris and Bruce Jenner admitted that they've never even met Kim's new sex toy boyfriend! Kris Jenner said, "She's dating a lot of different people," Kris Jenner told PEOPLE "I usually don't meet them until she gets serious and, so far, she hasn't brought him around." LMAO! So much for thinking she has a new boyfriend. Step dad, Bruce Jenner said, "I only worry about the boyfriends when they show up at my house," he says. "I know if he shows up at my house, then I’ll start to worry."
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Anonymous said...

he looks down syndromish... she looks plastic.. if they got together and breed they'd have some dumb ass plastic blocks for kids.

Anonymous said...

This bitch is desperate and a liar!

This guy's family already said that they didn't want him to mess with this famewhore slut. Kim never met his parents.

Kim went to his game with her friend Britney right after New Year's. She went because Kanye went to Jay Z and Beyonce's huge NYE bash and she was NOT invited.

She is running after this guy like she did Miles Austin. This girl is so lost...

Anonymous said...

Kim, we know that you are trying to build off of your fake relationship with Kanye. Media Take Out has information that Kanye will be playing a gay role in a new movie. This is something that he knows about all too well.

Kim just added Kris Humphries to her twitter. She is trying to throw everybody off of her relationship with Kanye. Kim accept it. You are dating a gay man in Kanye West!

Kris Humphries parents don't even like you. Her relationship with Kris is similar to Miles Austin, it doesn't exist.

Abel said...

Kim it's time you go or take a high road, if you can .

Anonymous said...

Kim is trying to convince people that she has a man but it is fake like her Miles Austin relationship. She is very lonely.

This dude is trying to get free publicity.
The End.

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