Thursday, January 13, 2011

Madonna Dumps Taylor Momsen

Madonna is looking for a new face for her clothing line after dumping Taylor Momsen.
Queen of Pop Madonna has launched a search for the new face of her Material Girl clothing line.

The singer has posted a message on the brand's website, urging fans to cast their vote to decide who gets the job, reports the Daily Star.

Madonna released the teenage clothing range, designed in collaboration with her daughter Lourdes, last year with actress Taylor Momsen as the collection's poster girl.

Now she is looking for a replacement for the 'Gossip Girl' star.

The message titled 'Desperately Seeking Material Girl', references lyrics from her famous song of the same name.

"Living in a material world, we all need material girls. Looking for the hottest girl on the scene. She is never afraid. Hollywood is calling the next girl!... Wanted: Next big star. She makes her own fashion statement - trendy, but cool, young and hip," the text read. (ANI)
Jacked from SiFy


Anonymous said...

The only thing that bitch can model is caskets.

Anonymous said...

She cant seem to keep a job. This is Karma for her trash talk about working since the age of 2. Let's see how you like a regular 9-5.

Anonymous said...

Taylor probably was pulled because of flashing a crowd and the fact that she has such a nasty attitude.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe she flirted with Madge's boytoy?

Anonymous said...

Madonna is the ultimate pimp.

Abel said...

her daugher was created and born out of the vanity of her wrinkled pussy.

Abel said...


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