Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ne-Yo Losing Sleep to New Baby

Ne-Yo finds new fatherhood tiresome.
Ne-Yo has admitted he is finding being a father to two-month-old Madilyn ''difficult'' and says he doesn't see the baby as much as he would like.

Ne-Yo hasn't been getting enough sleep since his baby was born.

The 'Beautiful Monster' singer's partner Monyetta Shaw gave birth to their daughter Madilyn two months ago and the new arrival has been disrupting his nightly rest.

He said: "It's just less and less opportunity to sleep. You know, I don't see the baby as much as I would like. It's beautiful but difficult."

The 31-year-old star - whose real name is Shaffer Smith - also admitted he has not yet made plans for Valentine's Day (14.02.11) with Monyetta but doesn't expect he will plan anything spectacular.

He told the New York Post newspaper: "I haven't thought about it yet. This might be the most unromantic Valentine's Day I ever had."

After he became a father to Madilyn - who was born two months prematurely - Ne-Yo claimed he had never known a love like it before.

He said: "I've been in love before but this feels like nothing I've ever felt. Like, I'm in love for the first time."

The 'So-Sick' hitmaker had confessed before his daughter's arrival that he felt "nervous" about becoming a parent.

He said: "I'm so excited and nervous. It's amazing - I'm bringing another life into the world. But at the same time, I'm like, 'Oh c**p, I'm responsible for another human being.'

"I don't even buy my own underwear, where am I going to find his? But I'm so looking forward to it."
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Anonymous said...

Misleading headline and article. Every new parent feels this way. Plus he is a provider so he is probably not home with the baby for the real deal lo!

I just hope she is breastfeeding the baby, especially since she was a premie. Breastfeeding can also help the baby ease into a good sleep pattern since she will be less likely to have feeding/digestive issues.

I'm not pleased with his decision to not marry her, but at least he shows signs of an emotional bond with his daughter. And the child is financially set for life which is important as well.

Anonymous said...

Why would he be making plans for Valentines with Monietta?

Anonymous said...

Breastfeeding can also help the baby ease into a good sleep pattern since she will be less likely to have feeding/digestive issues.

Anonymous said...

@1:38 yeah a bottle with breastmilk IN IT. But back to the first comment how was this article or it's title misleading? And not for nothing, there are many providers who are home for the real. I am also missing how this baby is financially set for life... about the only thing u did get right was the breastmilk comment.

True 10:48 why would he making plans with her. He has all but said she is a lazy gold digger. I am glad he didn't take the bait and repeat that shit though.

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