Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rob Kardashian to Pose for Playgirl?

Playgirl offers Rob Kardashian $45,000.00 to show off his twig and berries.
Another Kardashian is being offered big bucks to take it all off, but this time it's not one of the sisters.

That's right: It's time for little brother Rob's naked moment of glory. "We'd offer Rob Kardashian $45,000 to pose for Playgirl," a rep for the magazine, Daniel Nardicio, tells Life & Style's Scene Queens. "Since he's already a model, he'd be a perfect fit for Playgirl."

In fact, Rob once took his modeling so seriously, he considered dropping out of college to pursue it full time. Another great reason to feature Rob? "He's hot. Like real hot," Nardicio tells the Scene Queens.
Jacked from Life & Style


Anonymous said...

He needs to get some fame. I want to see if he can swing swing. I hope if he does he salutes in all his glory.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ how little money they offer. Male models make nothing compared to women, nude or clothed.

Rob is not famous AT All outside of la. No one knows who he is.

Playgirl is for gays and their fat hag girlfriends anyway. No woman with viable dating options even reads that garbage.

So basically....they are paying him to pose for gay men and fat chicks. Sounds like a great career move, Rob!

Anonymous said...

I heard he was gay as 8:13pm stated...its a great career move! He might as well whore himself out, his sisters already have.

Anonymous said...

He needs to hurry up and do it because I've been wanting to see what hes got for a while.

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense - only gay men get that shit.

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