Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

Trouble in paradise for Lady Gaga and boyfriend Luc Carl.

Lady Gaga just met boyfriend Luc Carl's parents over Christmas, but don't expect wedding bells any time soon. "Gaga and Luc are fighting a lot," an insider close to the couple tells Life & Style. "Their relationship has never been perfect -- it's always been tumultuous -- but now it's hanging by a thread."

Luc isn't winning any points with Lady Gaga's friends either. "When she and Luc were catching up with her old pals in New York over New Year's, he made zero effort to get to know them," says the insider. "He sat in the corner at the bar and pretended like no one else was there. Meanwhile, she was so happy to see everyone and catch up."

Perhaps Luc, who's been seeing Lady Gaga, 24, on and off since 2005, picked up on their feelings about him. "They think he's using her because of how famous she is," the insider says to Life & Style. "He doesn't treat her very well." A bad romance indeed.
Jacked from Life & Style


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