Monday, May 16, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Receives Her Sentence

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 3 years probation after pleading no contest to stealing a necklace.
Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced Wednesday after pleading no contest in the theft of a necklace. She also surprisingly abandoned her appeal in her DUI probation location case.

In a case that has riveted Hollywood, Lindsay was accused of stealing a necklace originally valued at $2500 from a Venice Beach, Ca. jewelry store last January.

Lindsay was not in court Wednesday morning. Her attorney Shawn Holley was there representing her.

She was sentenced to three year’s probation, ordered to stay away from the jeweler, Kamofie & Co., attend The Shoplifter’s Alternative program, have psychological counseling, and pay fines totaling $180.

Surveillance video tape of the event was later sold and aired on TV and the Internet, and a judge later knocked the charge down to a misdemeanor.

Through it all, Lindsay – through her attorney Shawn Holley – insisted she hadn’t done anything wrong.

This is a separate issue than the sentence Lohan received for violating the terms of her DUI probation. Last month the judge found that she’d violated her probation and sentenced her to 480 hours of community service and 120 days in jail. That sentence was restated at today’s hearing.

The judge ordered Lindsay to turn herself in to the jail for her 120 days on June 17. She’s already applied to have that sentence changed to house arrest, and is likely to be approved for it.

Lohan has already begun the community service even while appealing the jail term. The judge ordered that her community service and her house arrest must be served consecutively.
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nba is fixed said...

Even though Linsay Lohan has priors, even though she is accused of violating her probation and stealing a necklace valued at more than $400, she does not go to jail? This racists bullshit justice system pisses me off! I got friends in county jail doing time for less than what this bitch has done. I hope Lohan gets in trouble with the law again!

Anonymous said...

She used to be so pretty now she looks like a 40 year old meth head... damn gurl..... use that probabtion time to get your shit together cause dayumn....

Anonymous said...

The justice system isn't racist - its elitest - if you got money you get off - ask OJ....

nba is fixed said...

The justice system isn't racists? Where is O.J. at right now? Where is TI? Where is Wesley Snipes? Where is DMX? Where is Plaxico Burress? Where is Ja-Rule headed to? If you guessed prison you are correct.

Anonymous said...

and all those idiots are in jail cause they broke(except TI) - OJ is in jail now cause his ends are gone, Wesley in jail cause he owe taxes - hence no ends, DMX ain't seen money since he gave it all to the crak dealer, Plaxico is a dumb ass who belongs in jail - God couldn't get him off those charges, and Ja-Rule ain't earned a dime since 1998... therefore I stick to what i said the justice system is not prejudice just elitest

TI in jail cause he too stupid not to be... don't forget this fool got off of a serious gun charge with a bullshit light ass sentence...

NBA is fixed stop looking at shit in black and white and start looking at shit in GREEN

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