Friday, May 20, 2011

Nicki Minaj Supports Britney Spears Drug and Alcohol Ban

Nicki Minaj has no problem with the drug and alcohol ban on Britney Spears' concert tour.
Britney Spears has a friend in Nicki Minaj! The hip-hop songstress met up with Life & Style at the Get Schooled Foundation event in Chicago on May 18 and exclusively revealed that she, along with the entire crew of the tour, will be 100 percent drug-and-alcohol-free for Britney's upcoming Femme Fatale tour. "Yes [it's true that this is a totally drug-free and alcohol free tour]," Nicki tells Life & Style. "As it should be."

And Nicki couldn't be happier with the decision. "I think it's a great thing," she says. "It's definitely not a negative thing. It's not going to affect me in any way. If that's the way Britney wants it, so be it. She's the queen of her castle. It trickles down and makes everyone responsible." But this isn't the first tour Nicki has obliged to stay sober for: "I should add that there were no drugs and alcohol on the Lil Wayne tour I just completed."

At the event in Chicago, Nicki surprised students and teachers at Collins Academy High, where she was "Principal for the Day" and presented three students with $10,000 college scholarships from Comcast. The visit was a reward for students and faculty at the school, who won the Get MotivatED Challenge -- a six-week competition among 25 high schools nationwide to improve daily attendance.

So what is Nicki looking forward to most this summer? Her tour with Britney! "We start on June 17, and I'm sure it's going to be a whirlwind," she tells Life & Style. "I'm sure it's going to change the way I view touring. Every tour I do is different, and I get new energy."
Jacked from Life & Style 


Anonymous said...

Can both these silly hoes nikki and britney sit down and get better mind programming?

Anonymous said...

that's great! I am glad Nikki is supporting her peers with their sobriety! I guess I have to reconsider my opinion of her.....

Anonymous said...

Why are her hips so pointy?

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