Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royals Painted as Thugs in New Film

The new film 'Unlawful Killing' portrays the Royal Family as ruthless thugs who orchestrated Princess Diana's murder.
While Britain's royal family is basking in the afterglow of Cinderella-like royal wedding between Prince William and the former Kate Middleton, a new documentary is painting the young prince's family as a gang of thugs.

The provocative documentary about the death of Princess Diana, screened Friday in Cannes, depicts Prince Philip, the queen's husband, as a psychopath and the British royal family as racist "gangsters in tiaras."

"Unlawful Killing'' deals with claims that Princess Diana was murdered by the British establishment and the crime covered up.

An inquest held 10 years after Diana's 1997 death in a Paris car crash deflated claims of a conspiracy, blaming her driver and pursuing vehicles.

But the movie by actor Keith Allen, father of singer Lily Allen, revisits the theories and was reportedly funded by Mohammed el Fayed, owner of Harrod's, whose son Dodi was killed in the crash with Diana.

It has already been criticized in Britain for showing a picture of the dying Diana moments after the crash. And its harsh criticisms of Britain's "feudal" monarchy are sure to cause further furor.

The film was screened Friday on the fringes of the film festival for buyers and journalists.

Diana is the mother of Prince William, who is now honeymooning the Seychelles with his new bride, the Duchess of Cambridge. Their April 29 wedding at London's Westminster Abbey was watched by millions worldwide.
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Anonymous said...

Lady Diana in her own sweet way was a rogue. She did things her way and it worked and she was immensely popular and well loved. They hated that. Dodi AlFayed's father always said his son was murdered. He may be right.

Anonymous said...

They are straight up gangsters.

Buckingham Palace ain't nothin' but a project with welfare recipients dealin' drugs (globally), jackin' territory (colonialism) and extorting payment (royal taxes).

And they fugly as hell. They just need some project slippers and some curlers.

Deezerella said...

Well I've always knew this was going to come to light. All skeleton's fall out of the closet right about now.

Anonymous said...

What's new that is why I am not fascinated with the marriage of royalty these people have manage to keep there family in this position for years and it is not because they are nice and loving.

Abel said...

Of course they are thugs, who the hell dont know that? it was an hour and a half before diana arrived at a hospital after the car crash and they wanted dodi dead too.
How embarrassing for the "establishment" for diana to marry an egyptian muslim who dont give a fuck about islam or being a muslim.

Anonymous said...

It's funny I just started hearing about that CT about P.Di being murdered fromm Alex Jones.

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