Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Untold Story of Detroit Hip Hop

Chuck D narrates a new documentary about the history of the Detroit Hip Hop scene.
The early history of Detroit Hip-Hop will be examined in an upcoming documentary titled The Untold Story of Detroit Hip-Hop.

Legendary Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. serves as the narrator for The Untold Story of Detroit Hip-Hop, which features over 40 hours of behind-the-scenes footage, as well as never before seen clips

Detroit, which helped shape America's R&B sound with the success of Berry Gordy's Motown Records, also plays a pivotal role in Hip-Hop, due to the success of rappers like Eminem , Insane Clown Posse, Kid Rock, D-12 and others.

The Untold Story of Detroit Hip-Hop tells the story of a number of influential artists who haven't experienced the same commercial success as the city's best known rappers.

Awesome Dre & The Hard Core Committee, The Blackman, Detroit's Most Wanted, Esham, Champtown and over 30 more artists who helped shape the city's scene are interviewed in the documentary.

A trailer, which was released to the Internet over the weekend, features early footage of a young Eminem with long hair, battling other emcees.

According to a press release for the documentary, there is also unreleased footage of a young Eminem that the rapper "doesn't want you to see."

A release date for The Untold Story of Detroit Hip-Hop was not available as of press time.

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