Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amber Rose Turned Down Blame Game Video

Amber Rose says Kanye West asked her to be in 'The Blame Game' video but she turned it down out of respect for her new boyfriend rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Kanye West's ex-girlfriend Amber Rose turned down the chance to be in his Blame Game video - because she felt such a move would be disrespectful to current beau Wiz Khalifa.

The bald-headed stunner reveals her ex asked her to be in the Blame Game segment of his Runaway movie, but she refused - even though the track is all about her.

Speaking to King magazine, Rose explains, "I know that movie was about me, because he (West) told me it was. Kanye did hit me up and ask me if I could be in the video.

"He explained Blame Game, saying how much he loved me in that song, and I understood that... (but) I'm with Wiz. I didn't think it would be a good look for me to be in my ex's video."

Rose also took exception to comedian Chris Rock's foul-mouthed spoken word rant at the end of the song, in which he states, "A neighbourhood n**ga like me ain't supposed to be getting no p**sy like this... Who taught you how to get sexy for a n**ga?"

Rose adds, "I just felt like Chris Rock's part was disrespectful... and so I passed on it."
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Anonymous said...

This bitch is so full of shit. The only way that she can stay relevant is to keep his name in her mouth. Lets be real if she had never sucked his dick no one would know who she was. Now that she is with walking twig boy no one gives a damn again. Its funny that he NEVER talks about her ass but in every interview she does..his name falls out her mouth. I call BULLSHIT times to on him wanting her to do anything but eat his ass in a gas station bathroom. NEXT!

Anonymous said...

Bad move on her part if she was being compensated for the video. Yeezy is still in love with this chick for whatever reason and Wiz might be a little jealous and told her NOT to do it. I'm just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

wiz would have beat that ass and he is so fugly

Anonymous said...

Amber just need to find a new route that does not involve her being half naked and on another rapper arm.

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