Thursday, June 9, 2011

Benny Medina Diva 101

Jennifer Lopez' manager Benny Medina has a terrible reputation for being difficult and lived up to his hype at recent event.

A driver for Jennifer Lopez's manager, Benny Medina, quit -- apparently over his alleged diva behavior -- during a celebrity-packed gala before the "American Idol" judge presented an award to Bill Clinton.

The limo driver quit after dropping Medina on the red carpet alongside Lopez, her sister Lynda and husband Marc Anthony at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala, which raised more than $1.4 million at Cipriani Wall Street on Tuesday night.

While Lopez "was lovely and did everything she was asked to do -- organizers were very happy," sources tell us Medina had swapped terse words with the driver. He got into a heated exchange with organizers, was grumpy when Clinton's Secret Service detail asked who he was, and demanded extra bags of freebies.

One source said, "They arrived late. As they stepped on the red carpet, his driver was overheard saying, 'Nobody speaks to me like that. I don't care who he [Medina] is. Get his stuff out of the car, I am leaving.' "

Inside, a source said, Medina "questioned everything. 'Why must we do this?' He was trying to be difficult. He seemed to walk in looking for the exit. Jennifer was very friendly, did all the interviews and went to a private room to meet Clinton. Benny was stopped by the president's security, who checked who he was. He was annoyed. He had a discussion with an event producer who looked visibly shaken."

As they left, they were given three gift bags, each containing a $500 Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

But, "Benny asked for five more. Event staff were running around panicking."

A rep for Lopez said her group was slightly delayed after an earlier photo shoot ran late. But he said, "We arrived in time for the red carpet. Jennifer presented Bill Clinton with an award and everything went extremely well. The evening was very positive, and a lot of money was raised for the charity . . . It sounds like there are a lot of inaccuracies in your story. Marc and Jennifer were each given a gift bag . . . I have no knowledge of anyone asking for more gift bags."

Medina didn't get back to us. A rep for the event declined to comment.
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Lying hoes kill me said...

Ain't this a shame we pay for products and this no talent having motherfuckers get all the free shit, and we the public make this companies rich. Am about to start making my own shit starting with my lunch. NO. no Mr. Yang i won't be ordering the Moo Goo Gai Pan today fuck u.

bogart4017 said...

Old black man behaves like underaged white girl. Film at eleven.

Anonymous said...

He was doing his CLIENT's bidding. We all know how much of a DIVA Jennifer is, but she thinks we don't know. She gets HIM to be demanding for her. Those extra bags he asked for were for Jennifer's family me.

flwrgurl said...

@cosign 4:36

nba is fixed said...

Like the 17th letter, Benny Medina is on the DL and turned out many celebrities; including the guy who used to call himself "Fresh Prince".

Anonymous said...

A lot of the diva like tour riders have more to do with what the manager wants personally or what they THINK their client wants. That's why they seem so outlandish when you read them. Yea Usher may prefer green M&M's but I'm sure he can pick the green ones out on his own.

Anonymous said...

@nba is fixed:
You prolly right. There is so much DL queerty shit goin' on, I look at divadom and woman hatin' by male celebs in a whole new light now after Mr. Cee and his bitch azz!

Anonymous said...

somebody need to slap this bitch up

Anonymous said...

Will Smith...come get your baby!!! He needs you.

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