Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Britney Spears Fell Off

Its official. Britney Spears' Femme Fatale cd and concert tour are both selling poorly.
Britney Spears is apparently not the sure-fire concert draw she once was. A lot of current or former fans have apparently decided not to hit that "BUY" button one more time after all.

In what some have seen as a sign of desperation, the web discounter Groupon has been selling 50%-off tickets for more than half the shows on Spears' 33-city tour.

And not even all those half-price tickets have gotten snatched up.

The tour opened Thursday night in Sacramento to what the local paper described as a sell-out crowd. But a week prior to the show, Groupon offered $59 face-value tickets for a bargain basement price of $30.

Groupon's web site shows that 1,400 people took the Sacramento offer before it sold out.

But since there was a maximum of 8 tickets allowed per sale, that means there could have been anywhere from 1,400 to 11,200 people getting into the arena under the half-price offer.

If you want to see Spears when she comes to your city, there's certainly no need to resort to a scalper. Tickets are still plentiful via Ticketmaster—which may partly be a result of many tickets already seeming scalper-priced, just at face value.

If you want to take a date to her June 20 L.A. Staples Centre gig, a pair of seats in the 12th row of the loge section goes for $175 each, plus $18.40 "convenience charge" each, for a total of $386.80. That's an expensive date—or, more likely, expensive girls' night out, judging from the Sacramento Bee's description of a predominantly female crowd on opening night.

With all the bad press Spears has gotten lately for her diminished performing skills, it may be little surprise that tickets are going for half-price via Groupon in so many cities.

In some areas, Groupon didn't even sell out their one-day offers.

In Atlantic City, only 229 people took up the half-price offer, according to the site. In Seattle, 1,211 took the deal. In Cleveland, it was 921. In Detroit, 1,877 bought anywhere from 1-8 tickets at $30 each, leaving 123 offers still on the table at day's end. But in Portland, Groupon sold out all 2,000 opportunities to buy tickets at $20 each.

The news isn't any better for Spears' flailing Femme Fatale album. It came out in late March with decent if not overwhelming first-week sales of 276,000. But after 11 weeks in stores, the album has sold only 558,000 copies—meaning almost half the total to date was sold that first week.

It's the 11th bestselling album of the year so far, which, in 2011, is not saying a lot. Britney may have legs, but Femme Fatale doesn't.
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bogart4017 said...

so is everything else.

Anonymous said...

Of course home girl lost her mind a long time ago she is only out there because her parents are pimping her out for more money.,

Anonymous said...

She looks like a washed up mom of two who just can't get it together... oh wait a minute, that's exactly what she is. Your time been up babe! It's time to do another reality show.

Anonymous said...

only beyonce, rihanna and lady gaga can sell cds and concert tickets, Brittney is a relic from the 90s, 00s, let is go , plus she official crazy by court order why is she performing? she needs mental health treatment

Anonymous said...

Its about time people stop throwing money at this talent less hack. Maybe if people stop rewarding her for her mediocrity, she’ll eventually go away along with all the other talent less hacks in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

She is still performing because its what her dad wants. He gets 14k a month for being in control of her estate and finances. PLUS he is billed as the director of this tour which is another 15+ a month on top of what he's already getting. This wingnuts parents are the biggest pimps in the industry today. Took a page right out Joe Jacksons book.

Anonymous said...

Britney is so Beautiful I'd suck a Blood Clot out of her ASS!

Anonymous said...

^^ clearly you need some help.

Anonymous said...

Is that a dude in a wig next to Brit?

Anonymous said...

@10:54 LOL... I feel the same way about my baby Fantasia

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