Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince Reuniting

Will Smith and Jeffrey Townes plan to revive their alter egos Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince for a few pop-up concerts.
Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff are in talks to return to the stage together for a series of "pop-up" shows.

The Hollywood actor first made his name in the music world with his pal as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, and went on to carve out a successful solo rap career as well as working as a major film star.

They have remained close over the years and Jazzy Jeff recently visited Smith on the set of his new movie, Men in Black Iii, in New York - and the conversation turned to potential performance opportunities.

Jeff - full name Jeffrey Townes - insists that if they do plan some shows this year (11), they will be short, surprise appearances.

He tells Allhiphop.com, "We actually had a conversation about doing some pop-up performances on people. We might do Brand New Funk and Summertime and walk off. It's just crazy him being the number one movie star in the world... I tease him all the time and (we are) trying to find the time to do it."
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Anonymous said...

Jeff finally wore him down about doing these concerts. That man has been whining and begging for years about a reunion.Wonder if Mr.Smith is aware of these "pop-up" concerts. Expect denial from his camp in 5..4..

bogart4017 said...

.......i don't know......

Anonymous said...

Well if Will DID agree to this, I think it's very big of him, and very kind of him. HE certainly doesn't need any extra money, so you know he's doing it solely to help Jeff be able to pay his rent. With Will's name being A-List, the concerts should definitely be a hit, and good for Will for looking out for his buddy like that.

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