Friday, June 17, 2011

Joe Jonas Crushed Britney Spears Passed Him Over

Joe Jonas has a huge crush on Britney Spears and was desperate to go on tour with her but she passed him over for Nicki Minaj.

Joe Jonas was desperate to hit the road with his childhood crush Britney Spears this summer (11), but she turned him down in favour of "an all-girl tour".

The Jonas Brothers star is launching himself as a solo artist and hoped to be chosen to join the line-up of Spears' Femme Fatale tour, which kicked off in Sacramento, California on Thursday night (16Jun11).

Jonas missed out and the support slots were given to Nicki Minaj and Jessie J, and he admits he is disappointed as he had a massive crush on Spears in his youth.

He tells E! Online, "At one point we were considering that (touring with Spears). But they wanted to go with an all-girl tour, which is really understandable. Nicki Minaj is fantastic..."

Jonas adds, "The first CD that I ever bought was Britney Spears... I fell in love with her. It was an early crush for me."
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Anonymous said...

Does he prefer the glass closet or is he ever gonna come out of it anytime soon..?

Anonymous said...

Girl needs to come out already. He will do a Ricky Martin when no one remembers his name he will come out and say he likes to suck dick and take it up the ass. It did wonders for Ricky Martin.

bogart4017 said...

You're out of your league son. Leave that one alone.

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