Friday, June 10, 2011

Kanye West and Ashley Olsen Caught Making Out?

Did Ashley Olsen gave Kanye West an extra special birthday gift?

Well, well, well…

We wouldn't have seen this coming!

In case you didn't realize, yesterday was Kanye West's 34th birthday, and the rapper was allegedly spotted at Submercer Nightclub in NYC last night celebrating the event by hooking up with none other than Mary-Kate Olsen!

Naughty, naughty, you two! Ha!

And that's not all!

We're hearing that he'll also be performing a secret show this evening at Skylight One Hanson!
Happy happy to you, Yeezy!

Will Miz Olsen be in attendence tonight? LOLz!
Jacked from Perez Hilton 


Anonymous said...

Long jawed ashy mouf and the troll. She always looks like a frightened raccoon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^You're right. They'd rather have abortions.

Anonymous said...

you are so right 5:47. they would rather have abortions or join the porn industry.

Anonymous said...

Well I am a black girl with no children or abortion I wish that people would stop trying to link every person in the same race as if we all make the same choices that is far from true.

These twins use to be so cute now they look like they have let other brainwash them, take away there life and as if they are doing satanic ritual or something.

They are too rich to being look so stress and half way dead and they have each other to lean on if they don't have a not of friends..

This is what Hollywood does to most people have them looking like zombies and not brain inside of there heads.

Anonymous said...

@5:47 Nope you may not have 20 baby daddies but you'll f*ck you OWN daddy, uncles, the family dog, your grandma, and a few random dudes just to THINK you're taking a sisters man, HA HA bitch the jokes on you! We don't date closet fags, swollow kids, or get our mud packed for a male. (Nope I didn't call them MEN because if they're f*cking with your nasty ass they couldn't possibly be a MAN)

Anonymous said...

Did Ashley Olsen gave Kanye West an extra special birthday gift?

YEP!! Clamydia, AIDS, Syphillis, etc

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