Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kirstie Alley Facing Foreclosure

Kirstie Alley is in danger of losing her home in Florida.
Actress Kirstie Alley is facing the loss of her Florida home if she fails to settle a big bill for outstanding property taxes, according to a U.S. report.

The former Cheers star allegedly owes more than $41,000 (£25,625) on her mansion in Clearwater, and, according to the National Enquirer, Alley had until 31 March (11) to hand over the cash to Pinellas County officials - but she missed the deadline and the five bedroom, four bathroom house is now listed as a "delinquent real estate tax" property.

If the actress fails to pay up, the home, which was previously owned by Lisa Marie Presley, will go into foreclosure.

Alley has been staying in a rented apartment in New York's trendy Tribeca district since finishing in second place on U.S. TV competition Dancing With the Stars last month (May11).
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bogart4017 said...

People with money don't seem to be used to paying their bills.

nba is fixed said...

I guess the scientologists will not rescue her.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand y celebs think they are above paying their bills. for her taxes to be that high, she has not paid in years

Anonymous said...

The house is worth less than the mortgage, so the celebrities are walking away.

More power to them

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