Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ne-Yo Apologizes to Fans for Concert Fake Out

Ne-Yo flew all the way to Dubai for club appearance and was shocked when the crowd expected a full concert.
R&B star Ne-YO has apologised to fans in Dubai after they were duped into believing he was performing a full show in a nightclub.

The So Sick hitmaker jetted to the country for a small set at Chi @The Lodge hotspot on Sunday (29May11). Fans waited hours for the star, who sang a handful of songs before leaving the stage to a chorus of boos.

One concertgoer told the Gulf News website, "I think it was unfair... they gave people the impression it was a concert. It was meant to be a special appearance. A lot of people left disappointed, myself included."

Ne-Yo has now taken to his page to apologise for the mix-up, insisting his set was "advertised the wrong way" - and promised his Dubai fans he will return for a full headlining gig in the future.

In a series of posts on the site, he writes, "I wanna take this time to apologise to the folks in Dubai that were told my club appearance was gonna be a full concert.

"I won't point fingers at anybody, but clearly it was advertised the wrong way. I will be back for a full concert at a later date. Shout out to everybody that came and showed love, and know that I'll be back for the real thing soon as I can."
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Anonymous said...

"Special Appearance" doesn't mean concert.

Anonymous said...

smh @ that photo. lol

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dude always looks like a smug catfish

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