Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ne-Yo Wants Duet with Beyonce

After writing one of Beyonce's biggest hits Ne-Yo now wants to write a song he and Beyonce can sing together.
He penned Beyonce''s hit single ''Irreplaceable'' and now R&B star Ne-Yo wants to collaborate with her on a new track.

The ''Beautiful Monster'' hitmaker, who is currently working on his fifth album ''Love and Passion'', which is scheduled for a September release, is keen on singing a duet with the ''Run The World (Girls)'' hitmaker.

The 31-year-old hinted at his plans to collaborate with other big names like Chris Brown and Dr Dre, but is yet to get a confirmation for the same.

"There''s a couple of people who I might be collaborating with on the next album, I don''t know exactly who right now, but I''ve talked to a couple of people, Chris Brown and Dr Dre, Beyonce about some stuff. But nothing is set in stone right now," said Ne-Yo.

The 31-year-old also spoke about his appreciation for the UK artists.

"What do I like most about the UK? The weather! No, no, I like the vibe out here. It''s a really cool vibe. I really like Plan B or Amy Winehouse and Adele," said Ne-Yo.
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Anonymous said...

Girl Please

Anonymous said...

Why? Neyo you are good all on your own.

Anonymous said...

DO IT NEYO!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

no no no no no to Neyo

Anonymous said...

Run away Neyo!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought she never wanted to work with him again after he put her on blast about HIS song Irreplaceable.

Whatever....cosign with 8:30. RUN NEYO!!

bogart4017 said...

For What?????

Anonymous said...

lmao@5:45 but what neyo really should want is a lipgloss with vitamin e and jojoba! them catfish lips lookin a bit parched!!

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